Part Two : Felicia and Jake.

The Librarian.

Six weeks ago the school management had issued a notice declaring the west wing of the library a restricted zone following an incident involving a couple of first years who’d been found passed out on the library floor, after they overindulged in the new poison on campus.

People called it ‘The Librarian’ because it was rumored to sharpen mental agility and one could study for longer periods.

Of course, the school was well aware of this fact and had only issued the notice in an attempt to avoid a scandalous law suit, after an infuriated parent had threatened to sue. Six weeks later and a functional security system was yet to be installed.

‘Hey, how are you today Gavin? Anything new in those old papers you keeping reading?’

Gavin was the guard on post. He was looking down – as always – reading from an old newspaper with yellowed pages.

He looked up. ‘Just the news,’ he responded, with a wide sheepish grin.

Gavin was a tall man with a lean frame and a hard handsome look. His face was wrinkled around his eyes. Felicia guessed he must have been quite the Cassanova in his younger days but she could never figure out why smiling brought so much sadness to his eyes.

‘So what can I get you today, sunshine?’ He asked already reaching for his stash. He was also the sole supplier and the face and force behind The Librarian.

‘The usual.’ She paused, digging out a two hundred shillings note from her bag. ‘I also need you to cover least forty-five minutes in the W.W,’ Felicia said, handing him the note. ‘Jake and I are working on a project,’ she lied.

‘Yea right!’ Gavin smirked. ‘I’ll give you an hour!’

‘It’s only a project Gavin…this is only for some inspiration,’ she winked, snatching the small plastic bag with blue pills from his grip and stashing it. ‘Thanks!’

* * * * * * Multiverse.

Felicia had always preferred sittingย  in the far right corner, by the window. It had become her favourite hiding spot on campus in the recent weeks, thans to the ban in place and her connection to Gavin.

From here she had the gift of isolation and an almost perfect view of the city, which was only a few minutes off campus. She looked out, staring at nothing in particular, day-dreaming about the possibility of a multiverse. She took in the vastness of the world outside, the city stretching into other towns and those towns, stretching into other townsย  and into the universe!

She slightly part her glossy red lips and exhaled, a huge sigh escaping her.

What versions of her existed out there? She curiously wondered. In a different world, she imagined, she was probably an exotic sexual goddess – the true epitome of beauty and a symbol of sexuality.

The door creaked as Jake pushed it open, peeking into the big room. Inside, it was dark and the air was stale. It smelled like old dusty books, but he didn’t mind.

‘Fefe?’ he bleated, popping his head into the first few cubicles. ‘Are you in here?’

‘Right here,’ her mellow voice resonated. ‘In the corner.’

‘I thought no one is supposed to be in here?’ Jake asked, regretting his question as soon as he uttered it.

‘I didn’t invite you here to discuss the rules Jake. We’re here to break them.’ She sat idly on the desk by the window, swinging her feet.

Then let you break me in.

She’d taken off the red tank top she was in minutes earlier – before she’d rushed out of the central study of the library, intentionally brushing past him. ‘Meet me in the restricted zone.20 minutes,’ she’d mouthed, before leaving him in anticipation.

Fefe was a feisty one. He’d been chasing her sassy ass for the last three months, straight and he sure as hell did not want to ruin it by asking any more questions. He already knew how wild and kinky she could get – he’d tasted her brilliant mind several times during their deep conversations and lengthy late night calls.

He stood in front of her, his gaze unflinching as he watched her firm boobs bounce with each swing of her sexy legs.

‘No one can ever save you from me, after this,’ Fefe promised, almost like she was casting a spell on him. She pulled him closer, grabbing him by his shirt and wrapped her legs around him, intentionally letting her rosy lips brush lightly against his soft dark ones, as she spoke.

She playfully stuck out her wet tongue and licked him on the the edges of his lips. He tasted like mint.

Her big pointed nipples hardened as she groped his butt and squeezed – loving the feel of his tight ass clenching in her grip. On impulse, she pushed one of the blue pills from under her tongue into Jake’s mouth. ‘I want to fucking blow your mind.’

She motioned for him to stand against the desk as she hopped off.

She stood by chair she’d set in front of the window and slowly pushed the heavy beige curtains aside, craftily letting stray streaks of sunlight trickle in through the flimsy mesh that was under the curtains.

‘I am nothing like what you’ve had before.’ Fefe proceeded to bend over the chair, with her legs set gingerly apart in readiness. In a wavy and seductive movement, she ran her hands up her sexy legs and lifted her blue skirt. She looked divine under the streaming light. Her dark lustrous skin glowed enticingly…especially in that position. Jake was hankering for her firm round ass – he wanted to caress her, spank her and kiss her right on those dimples on her butt cheeks. She was a magnificent sight to behold!

His breathing had turned erratic and his head was spinning in endless circles. He craved the warmth of her skin – but she’d been very clear on the rules; he could only touch her when she permitted him to.

‘Do you like this view Jake?’ Fefe wiggled her ass, making a clapping sound before she pulled down her soaked panties. ‘I asked if you fucking like this view!’ she demanded. She was now cupping her butt right under the cheeks. Every cell in Jake’s body trembled as she opened up her spot gracefully, holding her lips apart, tempting him with her rich lustre. His dick threatened to burst out of his pants as he caught the sight of her pink dewy rift that caused him to let out a guttural grunt. He staggered, suddenly dizzied, losing his balance.

She’d now turned, slouching back on the chair with her legs folded up in the air. Her dripping sap had smudged on the sides of her thighs. ‘Holy fuck!’ She looked like a dream! Like his wildest fantasy,just as as hot as he’d imagined she would be.

‘I fucking adore you!’ Jake groaned genuinely and Felicia grinned with satisfaction. He was pining for her and she could see it in his fiery eyes. He was exactly where she wanted him.

‘Come to me!’ She stated authoritatively, gesturing at Jake with her index finger. Felicia sunk back into the chair and slid two fingers between her cleft and thrust them into her dewy pink spot.

‘Taste my sweet cunt!’ she said and pressed her sticky fingers on his lips making him lick and taste her. He teased her back, tightening his lips around her fingers.

‘Eat up,’ she burst out as she nudged his head down to her pussy.

‘With pleasure,’ Jake replied, picking her up by her ass – with her hands around his neck and her legs wrapped tightly around his waist and set her on the edge of the desk, kneeling under her.

Felicia loved her grand view. In a trance-like state, she watched as he darted the tip of his long tongue on her dark swollen clit.

Her essence tickled his olfactory senses. ‘Yummy,’ he thought to himself, slurping on her vanilla scented pussy. He wanted all of her juices dripping all over his face. Jake shoved his tongue into her core with a certain sense of enthusiasm, aiming to please her entire being.

‘Fuuuuck!’ she cried out! ‘Fuck yessss!’

An electric wave surged through her body, coursing through her veins till she was all nerves. She felt her whole body convulsing uncontrollably – she was rocking hard, like a ship riding the high tides crushing against the waves.

‘Let me please your hot cunt Fefe!’ His big lips vibrated against her chocolate pussy.


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