Part One : Nova and Ethan King.

Ethan King of King & Frasser.

Nova’s eyes stayed locked on him as he made the big announcement. A myriad of piqued emotions flickered on her long, poignant face and pride simmered evidently in her hazel eyes.

She was proud of the man he’d become.

He’d arrived only 6 hours earlier, from what had initially been charted out as a month-long expedition – attending a series of meetings with prospective clients, wooing new investors with his grand business pitch (which had taken him six months to perfect), and reviewing, re-negotiating and signing new commercial contracts. It had however taken him and his associates two long months.

She flashed back to seven year ago.

He came home earlier than usual that evening, with a box in his hands, instead of his treasured brown leather brief case – a souvenir from his late father. He greeted her with a quick peck and a cheeky grin.

‘Um baby..what’s that look? I don’t think I like it,’ she’d expressed her anxiety, her eyes curiously inspecting the box in his hands. ‘Ethan, isn’t that the frame you keep in your office?’

‘Yes baby, it is,’ he responded. His manner calm and controlled. ‘All of my stuff actually.’ He set the brown box with his paraphernalia on the kitchen table and reached out to her, with both his hands on her shoulders. The masculine scent of his ambrosial cologne hit her, throwing her off as it tickled all her senses. Suddenly, she became aware of the power he held over her. Ethan always smelled so damn good, it made all of her sensitive parts tingle. In fact,  she’d wanted to sink into him, in his broad chest, right there and then, breathe him in and bite his neck to get a good taste. But that could wait till they were done.

‘I quit.’

‘You did what?!’ Nova blurted out, feeling terribly betrayed. She was dumbfounded and furious as she tried in vain to push his hands away. ‘When..what…w-why didn’t you tell me anything?’ Questions came flooding into her mind. She searched his face for answers. If he was thinking anything, he wasn’t showing it. She’d always hated how he could do that, remaining calm in the face of what definitely felt like mayhem. ‘You had better have a really good explanation for this Ethan King!’

‘Hush baby, listen. I can explain,’ Ethan started to say, ‘I wanted to tell you sooner but…well, I knew you’d talk me out of it with your inexplicable power of persuation. I didn’t want to worry you.’

She hardened her gaze on him, saying nothing back. Her hands now crossed on her chest, having given up on pushing him off her.

‘You’re right,’ he admitted, brushing against her gently. ‘I was wrong and out of line. I should have talked you first. But as your man, your husband, understand that it’s essentially my job and responsibility to provide and take care of you, of US. To secure our future. Trust that I know how to do that. I had to handle my business first and I didn’t want you to have to wor- ‘

‘Worry about what Ethan?’ Nova demanded impatiently.

‘About starting my own firm. Well…our firm. Tim and I..’


Ethan chuckled and she shot him a sharp, angry look. If was an archer and looks were arrows, he’d have an arrowhead stuck stark between his thick brows.

She definitely would have tried talking out of him, he was right about that much.

‘Did he advise you not to tell me?’

‘What? No! C’mon baby, trust me,’ he calmed her down. ‘Tim had nothing to do with this. In fact, it’s the opposite, he wanted me to tell you from the start. Tim’s one of good guys baby, despite what happened between him and Jo. That was their business baby,’ he defended his mate.

Tim and Ethan became best friends in college, out of pure circumstance – they were roommates. He’d been going out with Joey after Nova set them up and everything had been going steady, close to 5 months which was really promising, until Tim cheated on her with his crazy, ex-wife – a druggie and felon, wanted for, among other things, drug trafficking. They met at a strip club, so no surprise there. Tim liked them crazy. Joey had been anything but.

‘I wanted to wait till I handed in my resignation, to make it more official,’ Ethan contuined his confessession.

‘More official?’ she quipped, her sarcasm cutting through the tensed air. ‘Making it official, would have been talking to me, your wife. You should have told me! Not Tim Frass-hole or your boss!’ Nova asserted, arching her brow in fury. ‘We’re partners. US!’

‘I know love, I know,’ Ethan responded, a smile tickling the edges of his mouth. ‘That’s why I am telling you now. You know me. I wouldn’t do anything I wasn’t sure of. Please don’t be mad.’

Even back then Ethan had been a driven young man, with an insatiable fire in his belly. As she’d looked back into his smoky, penetrating eyes – scintillating with ambitious dreams, ideas, hope; eyes so full of life and fervor they looked like they had entire galaxies glowing inside them – she’d understood then why eyes were said to be windows to the soul. Those fucking eyes! All he had to do was look deeply into hers and she believed in him, in his dream.

‘If we do this,’ she’d said in a quiet, firm tone, almost in a whisper that sounded a lot like a threat, ‘you don’t ever, EVER, keep a fucking thing from me!’

He smiled and kissed her forehead ever so lightly. ‘Yes ma’am!’ he replied, pulling her closer. ‘You know, it’s crazy how sexy you look when you get angry,’ he teased, his hands reaching around to pinch her squishy behind.

Seven years later and he’d brought it home big and hard. He’d secured their future just like he’d promised.  A man as good as his word.

And here they stood celebrating his magnificent becoming. His youthful dreams were finally materializing, every piece of his plan was falling into place.

King & Frasser (K&F) was an established firm and a popular,  well respected brand, ranked number 3 out of the top 25 Business law firms in Kenya and East Africa.

Despite being a notorious womanizer and constantly getting into sticky situations with crazy women, Nova had to admit that Tim was a real pro.  The Litigation and Arbitration department flourished under his expert direction. His name was well-known in the legal circles for his throng of successes.

He was a complete opposite of his best friend. Their standards and differences however, never counted for anything. Their common ground was their love for the law and helping people. But more importantly, the success and power that it came with.

Ethan thrived on excellence, success and power; especially because he understood rejection and failure all too well. Over the years, he’d conquered some of his greatest fears and braved his worst days, had turned his inhibitions into his strengths, growing from his ashes refreshed and invincible. Tonight was a show of his unmatched strength and resilience. He’d successfully closed an auspicious deal with Brown & Makhubu Investments, a multi-billion South African hedge fund. It hadn’t been an easy task, but Ethan loved nothing that came easy.

Staring at him now as he popped the cork and toasted with sparkly champagne in the presence of all of their friends and family, amidst all the cheering, music, hearty laughter and clinking of glasses, Nova could still see a fire in him. Could feel it. It was why she’d fallen in love with him, he made her feel things.

* * * * * French Kiss

‘Don’t make a sound.’ The tone and texture of his voice changed whenever he was extremely aroused. It was more of a command than a statement, uttered in a low, smoky hum.

Nova obeyed quietly, bending over the higher side of the burgundy tantric chaise lounge in the middle of the basement – a space which used to be her home office-cum-study but now served as their secret hideout. Her red off-shoulder dress was lifted over her waist to reveal her bare bum and her hands were stretched out on either side of the chair, for support.

Ethan stood back a few inches and drank in her sweet, pleasant scent, taking in her beautiful features.

She’d re-decorated the room and had replaced their bulbs with red ones. Everything was bathed with the warm red light. All these years and still, she found new ways to pump his adrenaline so hard, took him so high.

Drenched in the red light, Nova herself looked divine, like a dream. Beautiful and regal, like the sun. She’d always his sun; the source of his strength, his lifeline. Tonight, he felt like a fucking Phoenix and he was not afraid to burn with her, in her.

Tonight, they would light up the sky.

He licked his lips slowly, anticipating her taste and brought the old-fashioned tumbler to his mouth, downing the ice-cold drink in one gulp. He rolled the ice cubes under his tongue, calculating. He placed the glass on the floor, then ran his ice-cold finger tips on her smooth, bare skin. Nova jerked lightly, as he knew she would, letting out a small, sexy hiss.

That alone made his manhood twitch under his raiment. It throbbed and pulsated as though it had grown a heart beat of its own.

‘Shh. No sound,’ he slapped her ass gently. The vibrations under his palm made him think about volcanic activity and earthquakes. Science was the last thing he wanted to be thinkinking of, but the way her ass shook and tremored, he was certain she could trigger both.

Her beautiful black ass shook in mesmerizing waves. Caught up in her intensity, he cupped her soft cheek and part them wide enough for him to reveal her hidden sex.

Without so much as a warning, he pushed his freshly shaved face between her brown thighs and French kissed her, drinking from her glorious fountain.

‘Fuuck!’ Nova cursed inaudibly.

His lips were ice-cold as they met her swollen clit. He started flicking his long, apt tongue on her nub, sending hot and cold sensations through her body simultaneously. Each stroke charged electrified gusts of pleasure through her. The frostiness caused multiple vigorous contractions and as he warmed up against her soaked pussy, her pelvic muscles relaxed. She could feel as she steadily soared closer to her climax. He could too.

He was in control.

With intentionally slow, firm and libidinous strokes, Ethan drove her wilder and closer to her release and the more she squirmed, the harder and faster his flicks were. He pushed his tongue deep inside her core and just as she was about to gush all over his handsome face, he stopped.

‘You’re not ready to come yet,’ he said, obviously well-pleased with his precision and flair. ‘You’ll come only when you’re told to.’

Nova was still breathless and couldn’t think straight. She’d missed most of whatever he’d said, but she certainly knew he was only getting started. She loved it when he peaked her. He heightened her sensual urges, kept her hungry,  yearning,  wanting more of him.

Ethan walked over to her side and unbuckled his belt, opened his fly, dropped his pants to the floor and stepped out of his garments. He straddled the tantric lounge and held his hard sumptuous penis in her face.

‘Is this what you’ve been missing?’ he asked in a deep and enticing tone, as he gently massaged his dark chocolate stick on her red glossy lips.

In response, she stared up at him, then at his joystick and smiled. She shut her eyes and opened her tight, little warm mouth readily around his silky head. She slowly licked him around the rim and swirled her eager tongue on the rough, fold of skin on the underside of his shaft. She liked to imagine his hot spooge spurting in her mouth, burning down her throat and the thought of it made her lick him harder, flicking and darting her wet tongue on his sensitive spot. He surged and stiffened in her mouth and his breathless groan was her cue to take him deeper.

She swallowed him inch by inch and sealed her mouth tightly around his thick shaft, near the base,then blew hot air on him. Ethan immediately dug his fingers into her hair, steadily pushing deeper into her mouth.

‘Yea..yea, that’s it. That’s my good girl!’ he marveled, as all of his eight inches went in and out of her hot mouth making sexy slurping sounds.

God, he loved that mouth!


Continued here


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