Grand Alchemy

In the beginning,

Deep in the infinite and untold mystery

Before the world knew your face,

Or the wind ever caught whispers of your name,

Baby girl you were by design,

An emblem of magic!

From the very moment your lungs filled up with your first breath,

The world was shifted by your presence, your future, your history.

Inevitable, for a creature of cosmic beauty and mystery was born,

The inception of God’s own masterpiece into the foundation of the universe.

You are more precious than jewels!

At the core of your soul,

Woman, you are divine!

The epitome of raw, unadulterated power and beauty,

An elixir of kindness, courage and strength,

Fearfully and wonderfully made,

The product of grand alchemy –

A maker and keeper of creation,

A portal to life,

And magic,

A well of love,

And passion,

And pleasure.

Know that all that you are is godly,

Own it with your chest –

From your mind,

To the wisdom that flows from your lips,

To your heart and the way your soul glows,

Illuminating the world around you and the path before you,

You are the human form of sunshine.


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