When Tomorrow Comes

Hold me close my beloved
Hold me tight my beloved
Do not let go my beloved
For tomorrow is coming
To steal you away from my grip
To strip you from my arms
To deny me the warmth of your gentle
To rob me of the radiance of your kind
To deny me the life in your laughter.

So hold me close my beloved
Because next to you it’s snug and cosy
It’s my home
It’s my haven
My paradise!

Where I feel love in its truest, purest form
Where I feel whole!

So wrap your arms around me
Like there is no tomorrow
And we will live in the moment
Just you and I
And we will own this moment
With the world locked outside
Just you and I against time!

Now hold me close my beloved
Look deep into my eyes so I won’t forget
What true love looks like
And I will tell you a tale
Sing you your favourite song
I will crack a lame joke
Then we’ll enjoy each other’s
This is what memories are
made of!

And when tomorrow comes
I will gather the strength to not wet my eyes
I will seek solace in your firm embrace
And countdown days to the next.
When tomorrow comes
I will hold on to these memories
I will hold them close to my heart
I will keep them safe
And alive.

When tomorrow comes
I promise I will forget you not
I vow not to forget the times we have spent
I promise to cherish the memories we have made.

I pledge to think of you always
Only you
Just you my beloved
I promise to build a house for you in my mind
I vow to meet you there
To look into your eyes
To tell you a tale
Sing you your favourite song.
I promise to make a home for you in my heart
I vow my every heartbeat will be
for the love of you
Only you!
I promise to live each day for you
I pledged we’ll have a
great future.

Darling I promise to always miss you!

All these I promise you my beloved,
For to you
I am bound

© 2014


I wrote this about four years ago, when I was going back to campus.

My son was only one year old and I had to leave him home so I could go back to campus. Saying goodbye was not easy, at all! But in words, we find some sort of comfort. Some reassurance.

My Beloved.


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