The F Word and One Bad Pun.

Most people claim to know strength;

When they have scarcely mastered the art of letting go.

Most people claim to be the light;

When masking their pain is a daily plight

A persistent fight to keep the smiles bright

When they are yet to purge their souls of the looming darkness

When they are yet to confront their demons and accept their ugliness.

For life itself is a kind of hell; different days, different levels. Every first light breeds a new kind of evil.

Most people claim to have courage;

When they cower from taking the first step

When they have lost their way and are yet to retrace their steps

Yet to stop running, to own their journey and learn from their missteps.

Most people want love;

We all want love; we are made of love, from love, to love and to be loved. We all want a place to belong, the feeling that we belong.. even someone to belong to.

But most remain elusive on the choice to put in the work and the effort

And are yet to learn how to be selfless and considerate

For love is to give and give and give…and to give some more. It is to give freely without expecting to take..

To keep the faith and trust in the timing, knowing that love comes to those who wait.

Most people claim to know might and power;

When all they have is gym membership and muscle power

No pain, no gains…💪 😂

But no amount of cardio will rid them of the dead weight of anger and hate clumping their hearts

A no sugar diet only adds to their bitterness

They have yet to grasp that the grandest valor lies in forgiveness.

All this world needs is forgiveness, of oneself and others. To forgive is to love and there is never one without the other.

Well, forgiveness and a lot of weed.

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