Part Two – Alex and Gus.

Continued from here

Later that evening, Gus pulled her to himself and kissed her with some sense of urgency before he could even shut the door behind them. It was a brief first kiss, his sensuous lips pressing warmly against hers. He kissed her gently, wanting so bad to just take her right there and then, but stopping himself. He would take his time with this one.

She tasted like the kind of life he dreamt about. She was intoxicating and dizzying. He lifted her face up to him by the chin, staring deeply into her big eager eyes in a way that made her wobbly at the knees. Alex’s eyes sparkled with blatant ecstasy as she stared back at him playfully, as though she was daring him, as though she was aware that she had awakened something new, something intense..something raw, inside him.

He’d been with plenty of women before, but in an inexplicable way it felt different with her. He couldn’t quite explain what was different – maybe it was how she’d stared at him all day with those big, soulful and curious eyes, as though she could see through him. Or maybe it was the way she’d listened so keenly as he went on about his childhood and how she’d laughed so hard at his jokes. Or maybe how she’d noticed he was nervous because he kept fiddling with a candy wrapper. Or maybe it was how beautiful she’d looked earlier that afternoon – radiant – as she sat on the bench in the park with her legs crossed, exposing her thick, juicy thighs that were a lighter shade than the rest of her – how she effortlessly drew him in.

As though he’d found some sort of affirmation in her eyes, an answer to his request – he said, ‘Damn Alex..LEXY, you smell really good,’ stressing on the really.

It’s the way he said her name with a sexy slur that made her want to melt in his arms.

‘Aww, thank you’, Alex chirped, trying not to blush, but it was too late. ‘It must be this new body splash I am try-,’ but before she could even finish her statement, he interrupted her.

‘No,’ he said firmly. ‘We both know it’s not the new body splash you’re trying. It is you..y-you smell so damn good!’ he added, leaning in for her full lips. He cupped her chubby face and kissed her so passionately and deeply, feeling compelled to do so.

She gasped in his mouth.

All the while, her name kept ringing and resounding in his head. He’d never wanted anyone this bad!His heart beat erratically as he pulled Alex closer to him, grabbing her by the waist – rubbing himself against her, letting her feel him; his bulging cock throbbing against her abdomen.

‘I have been waiting all day to do this,’ he whispered, his voice hoarse and his breathing heavy. He spanked her gently, biting his lower lip with a sly grin – contentment showing on his face. He pecked her cheek lightly, lingering, grabbing her ass and squeezing it. ‘Damn, woman!,’ he cussed inwardly, feeling his dick twitching under his clothes.

He took her hand and guided her to the couch and she tip-toed behind him – feeling hot, wet and creamy between her legs. He slowly lay her down on the blue velvety couch, hurriedly stacking the pillows on the floor to create more space.Standing over her, he took off his jersey and unbuckled his belt, lowering his jeans to the floor and impatiently kicking them off. Gus bent towards Alex and kissed her before taking off his boxer shorts to reveal his massive hard on. Staring at him, beholding the sight of his huge erection, she couldn’t help but feel sheer pride. There was something gratifying about knowing that she was desired so immensely; knowing that she was wanted. She let out a little sigh – her mind racing, flashing with images of all the things she wanted him to do to her; the things she would do to him. He was intense – and she thrived on intensity.

Earlier in the day, during their more than successful blind date, she’d noticed him stealing glances at her thighs. She’d pretended to be thirsty and he’d quickly offered to get her some fresh juice from the vendor by the street, oblivious of her motives. As soon as he’d left, she shot her head up looking around in quick motions, scanning the park – making sure no one would see her as she slipped out of her lacy red panties. Her heart was now thumping hard with anticipation as he started to peel off her dress, planting warm fat kisses on her thighs, occasionally licking her here and biting her there. She squirmed as he breathed on her inner thigh feeling him inch closer to her wetness with each kiss. Impatiently, she spread her legs a little wider, slightly lifting her butt off the couch and pulled her dress up in one effortless motion.

‘Daamn!,’ Gus cursed under his breath. He groaned audibly – his dick jerking and throbbing with excitement at the sight of her wet cunt. Alex smiled devilishly, licking her lips. She had him! As he stared down at her naked body, savouring each inch of her with those dark eyes, she felt incredibly powerful.

‘I thought I would save you the trouble,’ she whispered seductively, slightly wiggling her hips,titillating him.

‘..but first, I will make you beg for it,’ Gus replied. He swiftly tucked his hand under her, unclasped her bra without any effort and dropped it on the floor adding to his pile of clothes. He lowered himself onto her and kissed her again – each time she tasted better than the last. Her nipples enlarged and hardened against his warm skin, poking at him – asking to be licked. He kissed her down to her neck, breathing in her natural scent, the delightful smell of  fresh coffee and wild roses – biting her lightly, loving how she gripped him each time. He skillfully traced his way down to her breasts, licking and sucking on each nipple at a time. She moaned louder each time, with her hand behind his head, urging him on!

He paused.

He lifted her legs up and positioned them on his shoulders, pulling her closer to him – before burying his face between her legs. ‘Yee..sss!,’ she hissed, her voice hued with euphory. He carefully part her lips and licked her clitoris, swirling his tongue around it in quick, circular motions and then sucking on it. He made her feel things; like she was losing her mind, fading into space – drifting into another world. She arched her back and raised her pussy to his face, grinding on him, riding him ready to lose control. The harder she moaned, the deeper he stuck his wonderfully warm and long tongue in her – sending spasms through her body.

Gus grabbed her butt from under her, slowing her down. ‘I got this Lexi ‘, he said, almost like he was talking to her pussy.

‘Let me take care of you, baby.’ He licked up her dripping juices with one long stroke and made a slurp sound. ‘Sexy!’ he thought to himself – needing more. Needing her. Gus knelt over her grabbing his huge dick.

‘Do you want my hard cock inside your pussy, Lexi?’ he asked, slightly arching forward, rubbing this perfectly rounded head on her clit then slapping his dick against her thigh. ‘You’ve got to ask for it,’ he smiled teasingly, licking his lips. He wet his index finger and pinched her right nipple – sending waves of sweet pleasure through her.

‘Yes Gus! I fucking want your hard cock inside me. So bad. So hard!” Alex pleaded.

‘I want to fuck you.’ She pushed him down backwards on the couch and straddled him, lowering herself gently on his rock-hard dick while he fondled her boobs. She felt powerful and uncensored for the first time ever! She put her hands on his face and kissed him sensually, as he grabbed her ass – his fingers brushing against her hole. He made her quiver.

She gasped and let out a loud moan as their worlds collided, drawing him in.


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