Part Two : Sandra and Simone.

Continued from here

Room 307
Simone pushed Sandra’s bedroom door open, after knocking several times with no response. Sandra had insisted on freshening up before the massage. She said she’d be thirty minutes in the shower, but she’d been in there for more than an hour now and the coconut oil Simone had melted was turning hard again.

Oblivious of Simone’s presence and her blazing eyes, Sandra dropped the wet towel onto the carpeted floor and stood naked in front of her full length dressing mirror, her smooth skin glinting flawlessly in the candle lit room.

She’d dumped the Katyas Home vanilla caramel scented candles, in a box labelled ‘CHRIS’ along with his bathroom products and books – which took up most of her space – thinking she’d never need them. She meant to, but never got around to throwing them out and had left them in the cabinet under the kitchen sink, which she also used as her cellar. She’d found them as she was getting their second bottle of blended whiskey and had carried them to her room, placing two on either side of her dresser – their necessity arising. If she was going to get a massage from her hot lesbian neighbour, she was definitely going to do it right.

As she tied her damp curly hair up in a loose bun, she smiled at her reflection, noticing how perfectly her big taut boobs pressed against each other with her hands raised to her head like that. She secured a band around her hair, then pinched her nipples lightly with her cold, moist fingers making them harder than they already were.

Simone was about to stealthily sneak back out to the balcony and get started on re-heating the oil, but she got caught up in Sandra’s short and thick physique and that little hiss she’d let out when she pinched her nipples. Sandra’s reflection had been reduced to a blurry form and all she could make out was an outline of her glorious curves but still, she could tell what she had been doing. She could also tell, with undeniable precision, that she looked resplendent. Her skin looked golden in the dimly lit room and Simone wanted so badly, to explore and savor every inch of her with her tongue.

They had spent the last two hours on Sandra’s balcony, drinking wine and lighting up Simone’s bag of ganja, which Sandra didn’t resist, to her surprise. They were the best two hours she’d spent with anyone, lately. Her on and off partner Mimi was always fretting about her hair and make up and the editing on her photos and wasn’t much of a conversationalist. She’d enjoyed every minute spent listening to Sandra.

Especially because she had the most genial smile which made it hard to look away from her delectable lips. She’d been keen, listening to, sometimes staring endlessly at a radiant Sandra, who talked about her new job at the magazine with such a fire! Simone could tell, by the way her eyes scintillated as she spoke, that meant everything to her.

‘It’s like my baby, this job,’ she’d said. ‘I have a conviction deep within me, that I am supposed to be here! Now! Doing this! I strive to, will always strive to, empower our young girls and women, to be resilient, confident, strong and successful women,’ she went on and proceeded to put the joint between her tasteful lips. She drew in long puff of smoke into her mouth and threw her head back, closing her eyes as she inhaled. She let the smoke escape through her nostrils and let out a faint ‘Mmh’ as the pot hit a spot.

At that point Simone had wanted to tear off her True Magazine t-shirt and pull down her grey sweatpants, and illustrate her own version of woman empowerment. She would have spelt it out with her tongue, but she could sense Sandra’s demur. Simone could tell that she was as straight as could be, and didn’t want to impose.

Sandra turned around and caught her off-guard, disrupting her train of thought. Sandra was heading for the adjacent towel rack and halted in her tracks half way, when she noticed the shadow standing in the door.

‘Don’t just stand there,’ Sandra hollered. ‘Come join me.’ She surprised herself, uttering those three words. It was a choice that broke every reservation she had and she was about to come undone.

* * * * * Sunday

Upon Simone’s request, she leaned back on her elbows on her queen size bed then slowly and gently opened up her legs to accommodate Simone’s symmetrical structure.

Simone had taken off her sweat-shirt, revealing her tattoos, which were spread out all over her tight abs and well-toned arms. She was now kneeling over her, wearing a sexy silver lycra boob tube top that covered her small breasts which oddly, were pleasing to look at. Her long, dark pierced nipples turned her on even more. Simone placed her hands on both her knees and spread her legs further apart to get a better view of her well trimmed, smudged pussy.

Sandra swiftly raised her well manicured hand to her mouth and wet two fingers, then let her watch hungrily as rubbed them on her throbbing nub.

‘Come eat me, Munna!’ She ordered, her dominant nature taking over as she held her pussy lips apart to expose her wet and tight pink hole with her juices flowing. Simone leaned forward with a hungry smile as though to sink her face between her legs but instead took Sandra’s wet hand and licked the juices off her fingers, then gave her one long, deep, breath-taking osculation on her lips.

‘Mmh,’ Sandra whimpered, vibrating in her mouth.

‘Be patient hon,’ she whispered ‘ First, I am going to make you dripping wet,’ she said, as she continued to kiss her neck. ‘Then lick you up real good,’ she added, before taking her large breasts in both her hands and putting both nipples in her mouth. In a skilful rhythm, she licked on them with quick but firm flicks and then sucked, breaking her pattern to nibble on them and to lick in seductive circular motions, the little bumps around her nipples.

Sandra thought she was going to cum when she licked the underside of her boobs. She quivered and dug her fingers into Simone’s short, beaded dreadlocks which smelled like castor oil. Simone broke their intimate embrace, despite Sandra’s reluctance to let her go, and got off the bed to take off her fitting khaki pants, then slipped out of her grey boy shorts.

Sandra had never seen another woman naked before. But oddly she felt comfortable; even captivated, enchanted by her femininity. In some way, empowered and awakened.

Simone had most of her hair shaved off her mons venus, save for a strip of hair in the middle. Her thighs were perfectly toned, with what looked like a birth mark or tattoo – she couldn’t tell – on her right thigh. She slipped between Sandra’s legs, this time teasing her with feather-light, come hither kisses that made her squirm and quiver. She kissed her from her inner thigh, moving out to her ankles, then back up the other leg. She pulled Sandra closer to the edge of the bed by her legs, before kneeling on a pillow on the floor.

Sandra raised her torso, staring down at Simone in anticipation as she wet her index and middle fingers then gently slid them into her soaked pussy. She didn’t start thrusting immediately. Instead she stared back into Sandra’s dilated eyes and enjoyed watching her grow weak. Even more, she loved her moaning. She curled and wriggled her fingers gently in her wet hole and felt as Sandra’s muscles contracted around her fingers.
‘Ooh, fuuck!,’ she moaned, as her hot juices trickled down her slit, down, between her ass cheeks. She clenched as Simone put her warm mouth on her clit, shooting invigorating spasms all over her body. Simone licked her slick slit and slid her fingers in and out of her synchronously, causing her to moan even louder with every thrust.

All the while, Sandra was trying her best not to close her eyes or take them off her. There was something quite natural and exotic about another woman eating her out.

As Simone increased her tempo, Sandra met her thrusts with nimble gyrations, yearning to climax. Simone had other wild thoughts, however. She grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over, steadying her on all her fours. Sandra submitted and arched her back, lifting her ass up to reveal her sweet, dripping spot.

‘You can tell me to stop anytime you want,’ Simone stated, as she rubbed her thumb in circular motions on her ass hole, then bent in to slam her warm tongue inside her pussy.

Sandra could feel as she drifted off helplessly, losing all control. She didn’t want to say no. Not tho those hands, not to the pleasure and excitement and adventure. How could she say no to elevation and stimulation? Why would she deny herseld heaven? As if to say yes in a foreign incoherent, she moaned harder and bit into her covers, throwing her ass back ferociously for some deeper, harder action.

Simone drove her over the edge when she pushed her thumb in her tight virgin ass hole, while she simultaneously sucked and nibbled on her clit.

‘Ow,’ she groaned as Simone’s thumb went in and out the first few times. There was an inexplicably exceptional mix of pain and pleasure. It was her first time experiencing such a feeling and it was intensified! Pain is pleasure.

She grabbed onto her bed as Simone curled her fingers inside her, driving her to an insanely wild orgasm. Hot juices gushed out of her excited sex, spraying into Simone’s mouth. She sloshed and slurped, swallowing all of her sweet juices greedily.

‘Come!’ Simone called out to her as she licked off some of the juices that were still around her mouth. Sandra was splashed all over her mouth and nose, dripping down her chin. ‘I am not done making you feel good yet,’ she said as she stacked pillows on the bed and lay back with her legs inclined at an angle. She directed Sandra to get on top of her, guiding her to lie on her side so their legs could interlock like a pair of scissors.

Simone took charge and thrust her hips in quick, tender circular motions. Her wet and hard clit grazed against hers, stirring her up. Sandra felt her body getting lifted in an overwhelming erotic wave as she reached her climax, coming over and over.

She could barely hear Simone over the sound of her frenzied moaning and whimpering as she cried, ‘Fuck, I am coming hard with you, Sunday.’


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