Part One : Sandra.

Roller Coaster. 

Sandra had just come from her evening run and tonight more than ever, she’d needed it. Her mind had needed the calm and her heart needed the racing. The new job at the True Monthly Magazine was the kind challenge she had needed but some days could be overwhelming! Tonight was one of those. It felt like the upside-down turns and excruciatingly dizzying heights of a roller coaster ride.


Sandra had worked tirelessly over the past two years to land the job, late in the nights and on weekends. She had been sure to sign up for every conference and every symposium, even when she could barely afford it, just so she’d get a chance to rub elbows with some of the most respected, top-level writers and journalists. She had wanted it so bad, she’d risked it all, even skipped a few months rent.

Three months ago, she’d finally gotten the break she’d so much deserved. Elaine, a long time friend and now her new editor had called her on a bright Wednesday morning in May with the great news. Elaine had announced over the phone, with what had sounded like ringing phones and incoherent music in the background, that she had officially been picked as one of nine senior contributors at the True Monthly Magazine.

All the risks she had taken were not for nothing. All the hard work had finally paid off and she was no longer a volunteer, or an intern doing errands and fetching coffee, and picking laundry and reading shit work from her bosses!

She was the boss! Well, one of the bosses, with her own office. The first time she’d seen her name and her title imprinted on the wooden plate affixed on her office door, a surge of pride swept over her. She’d called her mom, swivelling in her executive black chair. They had talked for thirty-five minutes, after which she had smiled with certainty, facing out her office window into the limitless world twenty-six stories below, realizing in that moment that it would be her against the world.

‘This is just the beginning,’ she promised herself, thanking heavens for the breakthrough.

* * * * * * Smoke and Whiskey.

Sandra’s heart was still pounding in her chest and her muscles felt sore from the one hour run around the stadium.

The lift stopped on the third floor. She was in 307.

She paced out of the elevator, with sweat still dripping from her temples down to her shoulders, where small beads had collected on her visible collar-bone, glimmering on her voluptuous chest. Little mounds of breasts popped out of her navy blue sports bra, jiggling as she walked with her head bent down, scrolling on her phone for her favourite song.

‘Oh fuck!’ Sandra heaved, jerking lightly, almost dropping her keys and phone as she grabbed onto herself in shock, with her hands resting on her busty chest.

She’d bumped into Simone, her neighbour in 308.
Simone was statuesque, standing at five-feet-eight-inches tall, with a tight athletic body. She ran a gym-cum-massage parlour in the shopping centre where Sandra bought her coffee and bagels every morning on her way to work. She’d seen her a few times from across the coffee shop, putting out her sign.

‘Sorry,’ Simone mouthed, with an apologetic smile playing on her full lips. She motioned for her to take off her earphones. Sandra obliged, plucking both of her earphones.

‘Hey there Sandy,’ came a deep mellow voice. Simone was a Kenya based Jamaican with a slight but discernible accent that made it sound like she’d said ‘Sunday.’ While she spoke, her eyes kept looking down at Sandra’s cleavage, openly admiring her round delectable breasts.

Sandra’s body betrayed her, as an erotic rip tore through her whole body. She felt her nipples as they bulged under her bra.

Fuuck no..No! No!’ she panicked.

Simone smiled right at her pointed nipples, her gaze transfixed.

‘Hey Simone,’ Sandra greeted back, clearing her suddenly clumpy throat. ‘Nice to bump into you,’ she joked, chuckling nervously.

‘Really nice indeed!’ Simone insisted, trying to keep her flirtatious eyes on Sandra’s flushed face but failing to avert them from her boobs.

‘How’s Mimi?’ Sandra blurted out, without really thinking about her question.

Mimi was Simone’s current catch. Over the two months she’d been in the building, Sandra had seen several people coming and leaving Simone’s apartment. Women especially. Most were her clients, but Mimi was a little more than that.

‘Oops, sorry..I didn’t mean to pr-‘

‘No need to apologize,’ Simone interjected politely. ‘But what about her, mmmh?’ she stated dismissively. ‘Let’s focus on your sexy, gorgeous self, shall we Sandy? It’s just me and you standing here after all, right?’ she winked.

‘What are you doing tonight?’ she proceeded to ask her out, in a sly tone. She was straightforward and not a hair on her was shy. Simone reached to tuck a stray strand behind her sweaty ear.

Sandra froze, wanting to run and avoid having the all sexy, all exotic and boyish, and weirdly handsome Simone touch her damp, salty skin. But she couldn’t move. She wouldn’t. Not from the under her touch. She struggled to breath normally, reeling into an exhilarating head trip as she caught a whiff of Simone’s intoxicating smell. She was predominantly balmy with a soothing finish, fused with the spicy smell of smoke and whiskey.

‘Uum,’ she stammered. ‘I have this deadline for a work thing,’ she continued, her words getting suddenly jumbled up in her mouth. That NEVER happened to her. What was happening to her?

‘Ha ha!’ Simone chuckled, bemused. ‘You’re really cute Sandy,’ she added, brushing her index finger on Sandra’s cold cheek to wipe off a bead of sweat. ‘But you also look awfully sore, hun,’ she added, stretching out both of her hands to Sandra’s shoulders.

Sandra caught a glimpse of genuine concern beaming in her brown eyes as she pressed her thumb in, gently massaging her shoulders. Her hands felt exactly how she’d imagined they would – soft and gentle, seductive and apt, with a warm and steady grip.

She really knew how to work her hands. The circular motions she made with her expert fingers made her quiver and she felt the tight knots on her shoulders loosening. Like some magical healing.

‘You should let me work on your tense muscles’ Simone offered in a low soothing tone. ‘I don’t mind passing by, after your work thingy. You should especially get a truly restful sleep tonight. My treat.’

She let go.

‘Uuum..I don’t know. I think I’ll be running really late.’ Sandra subconsciously rubbed on the spot where Simone’s hand was as she spoke. ‘I don’t wanna trouble you, Simone.’

‘No, no.. let me.’ Simone reached for her phone and keyed in her number. ‘Text or call..any time..’ she trailed off in her sexy accent. ‘It’s Munna, by the way.’

* * * * * * 7 minutes.

Once, she’d seen them making out in the parking lot.

It was late – about 11:30 p.m. on a chill Friday night, much like this one. Sandra had just paid her cab fare and was starting to walk across the parking lot, towards the main entrance. She stopped to take off her black pumps, which were hurting her toes and as she picked them by the heels, she heard indistinct voices coming from the back entrance of the building.

Even though she knew that Simone always parked her black raven Cadillac there, and often smoked there too, and that it was probably nothing alarming, she had decided to investigate.

Sandra had no previous lesbian encounters. Her love life was wanting – the only boyfriend she ever had was Chris, whom she’d dated for 3 years before he moved to Rwanda earlier in the year. The whole long distance thing had proved vain and impractical and they’d both decided to break it off. Sandra had substituted her sex life with frequent masturbation to thoughts of Chris fucking her, for weeks after they broke up and occasionally, to the naked photos and clips of him which she could not delete, a habit she eventually became bored of.

Her tastes had since expanded as she ventured into erotic stories online and in the recent weeks, she had started watching lesbian porn purely to quench her sexual curiosity, stirred by Simone’s beguiling charm. Sandra swallowed hard. She’d never imagined she would get a first hand experience of girl on girl relations.

Simone looked absolutely stunning under the dim parking lot light, leaning in on a petite Mimi against the black Cadillac. Mimi’s hands were wrapped loosely around Simone’s neck, as she probed Mimi’s mouth with her dark protuberant lips, tonguing her. Simone grabbed Mimi’s ample butt and pinched it lightly and Mimi’s naughty giggle floated carelessly in the air and lingered in Sandra’s mind for minutes as she watched, peeping from the corner of the building.

She was captivated. It was so real, it was unbelievable. Her body immediately responded to her unexpected voyeurism and a tingly sensation swelled up in her pussy. Seeing how aptly Simone had lifted Mimi off the ground with her able arms, onto the hood of the black Cadillac made her quiver, and she almost groaned when Simone slipped her hand between Mimi’s thighs, immediately working her cunt.

‘Is this what you can’t get enough of baibe..?’ Sandra heard her ask.

She shivered, goose bumps sprouting on her fair skin in the night breeze. She suddenly felt the urge to pee.

Stealthily, she crept to her apartment. Once she was there, she dropped her shoes and bag on the floor and headed straight to the bathroom.

She found herself spending an extra seven minutes in the shower as she replayed the scene in her head.

She had closed her eyes, letting the water trickle down her naked body, against her hard dark nipples. She sighed deeply, breaking all her reservations and indulging her mind with the crazy thoughts of being kissed like that...being devoured by those ravenous, feminine lips.

Sandra slanted forward, slightly tilting her right leg as she held onto the bathroom bar for support. She ran her hand over her wet mons and slipped her finger into her throbbing slit. She started to finger herself tigerishly, sliding her middle finger in and out as wild images of Simone flashed through her mind like a vision. She let out delightful moans as she neared an intense climax.

images (1)-1250324422..jpg

Her body tightened with fervent, violent desire, longing for Simone’s touch. It was a strange feeling, craving for another woman’s touch in such forbidden ways, but she loved the thrill of it.
She pulled out her wet finger and rubbed vigorously on her fleshy nub, letting out a zealous moan. With increased momentum, she plunged her finger back in her sodden gash, finger fucking herself to an explosive orgasm!

Continued here

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