Christian Erotica

Hey Y’all Kings and Queens πŸ‘‘β€


In most African and religious settings, sex is considered as taboo and is seen as something to be whispered about, something to be hidden and even condemned.

Many girls and women all over the continent and the world have been led to believe that sex is the ultimate sin and it will in fact ruin their lives and diminish their worth. Sex is attached to the ugly – pain, fear, guilt and shame. And sadly most boys are raised to be the kind of men who fulfill this imposed curse. And my heart bleeds, because sex is in fact a beautiful thing.

If you know me or are familiar with my previous blog and random musings on various social media, then you know I am an incredibly sexual person.

But the world we live in will have us believe that’s a bad thing. I’ve almost believed it myself. You can’t tell everyone you love sex, you can’t love sex too much either, even when it’s obvious you’re having it, right? Consider how hard it has been for you to buy condoms or seek information on sexual health and wellness. Consider the many young girls who have had unsafe abortions because there wasn’t any safer option. Where I come from and my experience growing up, even being on your periods was a thing that couldn’t be talked about. It was a ‘private’ disgusting affair that no one had to know about. I remember being told to never let a man know or see my blood because they wouldn’t love me. Periods were a dirty thing. A thing of shame and despise. I remember just how hard it was wrapping up the pads, tucking them in weird places just so no one would know. And there was the ultimate fear of soiling yourself in public!!

All around us sex is seen and employed as a weapon, a tool against the other person; it’s something scandalous, something filthy and dirty.

And to some extent, even though in a skewed manner, they’re right – it’s filthy, it’s dirty, it’s messy.πŸ˜‰


I am aware just how much of a controversy this likely to be, but it’s all good because I believe in what I am preaching. And with that said, if this isn’t your kind of content, kindly leave. Do NOT engage. No, I’m not an expert, not even an experienced Christian (if I’m allowed to say that) and I have no special training or knowledge on sex education. I’m just a young Christian woman who loves sex, with a very vivid imagination and an even more evocative mode of expression and I am no longer afraid to share a piece of my mind because this time, I have a compass to guide me. I have the will to obey my God given gift. It has been said after all, that God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.

I feel compelled to write this at the moment and I have no idea what my next move is or what issues will be featured. I’m not even sure if this makes sense and I know that makes you wonder exactly why you’re here. But I’ve learnt to take time and wait, to trust in the author of life, of the universe and time.

See my content creator is in control. πŸ˜‡

One thing that’s definite and common sense is that God created us all as sexual creatures. We all come from sex, that’s an undeniable fact. In the garden of Eden Adam and Eve, both male and female were naked and were without shame. Imagine that!

Yet most of struggle admitting to our sexual nature. Why are you afraid?

I hope that through this platform I can entertain, inspire confidence, motivate boldness; I hope I can educate someone out there, change a life, bring a smile or even re-ignite the dwindling heat , the lost passion in your love and sex life. I hope that I can stimulate your imagination and help you spice up and tap into your sexual energies.


The younger me used to pray for King Solomon’s wisdom. And as an adult I’ve done many things that confirmed I was in fact, not wise at all.πŸ˜‚ But God’s grace! Always sufficient. I never thought I’d be one to testify and I never would have imagined that I’d find the wisdom and inspiration I desperately sought from the Song of Solomon.

The Song of Solomon displays aΒ  beautiful, exotic and inspiring celebration of erotic/sexual love, desire, sexual intimacy, consent and unity of hearts and minds. It’s an intriguing celebration of both masculine and feminine energies, of unity in marriage and the thrill in courtship as two lovers get drunk on love and praise each other with utter adoration and admiration. And while there isn’t any use of explicit description we can all decipher the euphemisms therein.

We see smooth courtship, romance, poetry, beauty, lust, desire and young relentless love; a strong male yearning for his beautiful mate – the chase – loyalty and exquisite erotica.Β And that’s basically what I am all about. Not really living it to the letter, but oh well, a girl can dream and fantasize.

In this search, in this journey I have met the realization that God and imagination cannot be separated.

See, faith requires and is in fact driven by our imagination. It’s the hope for the things unseen. And in the beginning when the world was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters, through God’s unfathomable imagination, the world was created through his mere words. Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good! (Genesis 1:1,31)

And in the same way, sex starts in the mind. Stimulation is the result of imagination. So you see the connection. I mean, even just reading the Bible requires an imaginative and creative mind, what with the talking serpent, the burning bushes and so on. The Bible is a Bestseller for sure!

God has given us powers and perfect gifts. We shouldn’t stifle our imagination because the world said so. If the men who wrote the Bible decided, ‘Nah, this is too crazy or too fictitious,’ then we wouldn’t have the word of God. And to imagine that that’s barely the surface!Β 

Through sex, we fill the world. Through sex, we express our love, release tensions and receive healing; we connect and unite with our lovers.

In the Song of Solomon we even see participants, an audience that helps to paint the picture of the two lovers caught up and lost in their desire for each other. IΒ hope this blog can embody such an image. And I don’t really know where this path is taking me, to be honest, but exploring it feels right.

This is me in my essence – growing, learning and unlearning…

So let’s explore, imagine, communicate and talk about the real things affecting our love and sex lives, while staying faithful to our true selves, to our ideals and beliefs and respecting our spouses/partners in the same way. Let’s expess ourselves fully and authentically – our thoughts, desires, passions, needs…

Sex is sacred and above everything else, we must observe our bodies as temples. I hope we are all being wise. No, this isn’t your ordinary Christian perspective. You won’t find judgment or condemnation here. Whatever your choices are, make sure they serve your ultimate purpose. We have all been given free will, the power to choose what we want, do what we want, be what we want – but not everything is good for us,Β  not everything is beneficial.Β 

Kuwa true – be real.