Fight to Make Up

Broken as we are we'll last through this Because darling we ride or die And we will wear our scars Someday turn them into stars When it gets too dark they’ll light our path


Of all the things that could have happened, Every element in the universe combined and colluded, To give you, Life.

Rose Gold

※ F I R E ※ 🔥 She is A fire That cannot be contained Fanned by her desire Her will to live And weave Her own story Walk Her own path Her journey. ※ A U T H O R ※ 📝 See Her story will be told Both to the young and old... Continue Reading →


It could be bleeding that I need – so that I can see the life within, And that time heals the wounds, but the scars remain, A reminder, A portrait, A lesson. A win.

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