Part Two: Soul Food

God has put us together in such a way that we have emotional and physical needs that can only be met by affirmation, acceptance as to intrinsic worth, encouragement, and unconditional love. We all have the desire and need to receive “the blessing” from others.

Smalley and Trent, 1993.

In their book, The Gift of the Blessing (1993), Smalley and Trent explain that the essential elements of the blessings include five things:

  1. A meaningful touch— Including hand-holding, hugging, kissing, and all types of bodily contact that have the purpose of communicating love and affection.
  2. A spoken word—This element can demonstrate love and a sense of worth by the time involved, and the message(s) delivered. Its repetitive nature is crucial.
  3. Expression of high value—This involves our passing along a message to others that affirms their intrinsic worth and value as a person. Praising them as valuable is the key idea.
  4. Picturing a special future—This is the uniquely prophetic aspect of the blessing. What do our words tell others we believe the future holds for them?…Positive words of encouragement as to future possibilities are those that will bless rather than curse.
  5. An active commitment to see the blessing come to pass—This characteristic is both God-ward and man-ward. Godwardly, we are to commit others to His blessing and will. Manwardly, we are personally to make the commitment to spend whatever time, energy and resources necessary to bless others.

William picked her up at quarter past 3, being the only time she could get away from her busy office schedule without the need for checking back in. With a hard pressed peck on her lips he opened the passenger door and rushed back to the driver’s seat, piloting them to their undisclosed location.

It was a sunny afternoon, perfect for a long drive and even better for the plans he had lined up. The forty five minute drive was filled with the sound of soft mood music, Jo’s remarkable laughter and Will’s exceptional conversational skills.

They shared the experiences of their day and as usual, Will was quick to note she’d had a hectic time at the office. He devised his humorous side to save the day. Jo always laughed at his childhood stories each time, no matter how silly or the number of times she’d heard it. There was always a different twist or an over exaggeration that cracked her up till she was in tears. And the woman had a laugh that made him proud she was his. The very sound of her voice rattled his core, the look of happiness and joy on her face, in her eyes, even how it was engrained in her demeanor was always a source of pure bliss. Her happiness was his pride. She was such a light, he always strived to keep her shining brighter and brighter with each waking moment.

Overwhelmed by emotion, Will placed his hand on her thigh and squeezed. The warmth and gentleness in his touch made her shiver.

‘Every time I hear that laugh I’m more convinced that I was made for this…’ He yearned to kiss her, to shower her with his undying love, show her exactly how much she stirred him up in ways he never knew a man could come alive; but seeing her relaxed without any worry in her mind was all the peace he’d needed at the moment. He wanted her, needed her to be easy for great plans he had in store for the rest of their day. 

You are like a dove that hides in the crevice of a rock. Let me see your lovely face and hear your enchanting voice.

Song of Solomon 2:14

‘Each time you make me lose my breath like this,’ she responded, calming down from the endless laughter that he’d cast upon her. ‘I’m more convinced I will never stop wanting to doing this,’ she added, reaching for his pants to unbuckle his belt.

It was a pleasant surprise. She was beyond being in the perfect mood. It seemed to him she was more than ready for the surprise mini getaway. Besides, he knew better than anyone else that there was so much more that that mouth of hers was capable of.

As she bent her head across his laps his body tensed up with dire need and heightened anticipation. Will twitched upon her slightest touch. She looked up, a naughty smile drawn upon her sexy lips. ‘Just drive babe. And promise me you won’t lose control.’

He knew she knew that was a promise he could never keep. Never! With her, he could never maintain his sanity. As her warm mouth covered the ache of his swollen head it became more apparent that he was under her control. A loud primal groan filled the car as she tightened her grip around his shaft her moans getting muffled by his girth. With no rush, with delicate care,  she took him in bit by bit until he was fully lost in her beautifully wet mouth. Soon she started bobbling her head making it sloppier and more slippery with each thrust.

William struggled to keep a straight mind but pulling off the road was not an option. The pleasure intensified as she started massaging his balls, taking her sweet time with each one, knowing when to be gentle, with featherlite strokes and when to apply just enough pressure to make him weak. It took all his strength not to bust his load in her mouth. Sweat was quickly starting to form on his forehead, his under arms were soaked and his chest was getting moist by the minute. Even rolling down all the windows didn’t help in cooling down his temperature.

His wife was one fire bomb. She knew all he right ways to set him ablaze.

‘Love,’ he managed, ‘we are almost here.’

‘Good,’ she came up after a few more minutes of torturing him, wiping the sides of her delightful mouth with her fingers. ‘Because I’m extremely hungry.’

Will was quite sure, with the zest and passion with which she had swallowed the thickness of his cock, that she had an appetite for more than just food.

William followed closely behind, her hand in his. He was watching her every reaction, every expression elicited by the surprise he had organized.

The Airbnb he’d rented was nothing short of perfect – a roomy, retro themed stand-alone cabin off town, with exquisite vintage décor. Red petals carpeted the floor, leading out to a serene backyard experience. The set up outdoors was perfect – a table set for two, fresh roses in a golden vase, a bottle of her favorite wine in the bucket and the trees swaying gently in the wind; butterflies – yellow ones and white ones – danced around the green grass, the well-tended garden. It was simply beautiful and she was in love. If they could afford it, she would have loved to buy the owner out. A girl was already day -dreaming.

‘You sneaky thing! When did you plan all this?’

‘This morning. As soon as I saw you in that dress,’ he replied, his eyes saying more than words could express. His features hardened with desire as he spoke. ‘I knew I wanted to take it off you.’

Jo needed no further motivation. She pushed him back against the wall and kissed him hard, pouring all her gratitude, expressing her elation without reservation. All of her senses had fully come alive and being out in a secluded cabin like this roused in her a new sense of freedom.

William truly was the man of her dreams, she realized as she got lost deeper in the sweetness of his lips, getting swept away by raw emotion and demanding passion. The man could work magic, he made her dreams come true before she even knew she wanted it.

What was deeper and more intimate than being seen and understood? What was more nourishing, more fulfilling than a love that not only spoke her language, it fed her soul, made her feel lighter, lovelier, wanted… and extremely horny…

‘Take me now!’ Even though Jo was always more concerned with a lengthy foreplay, she became consumed by a sense of urgency. Will’s effort was all the foreplay she needed.

‘The pleasure is all mine, mi amor.’


  • Song Solomon
  • God on Sex, Daniel Akin (2003)


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