Part One: Soul Food

Marriage is the context in which physical passion and pleasure is set free (Akin, 2003.) Akin further explains that when the senses of touch and taste come together, the resulting passion is more than one can handle. The passionate kiss is a telltale sign of a healthy, romantic marriage, even more than sex. On page 10 of the Marriage Partnership (1998) we find that, β€œThe passionate kiss (avg. length one minute) reveals a lot about your relationship. Considered even more intimate than sex, passionate smooching is one of the first things to go when spouses aren’t getting along.”

It was the feeling that she was being intensely watched that made her turn from the mirror and there he stood, fresh from the bathroom, draped in a voyeuristic veil and a dark blue towel that hang loosely around his waist leaving just enough room for imagination.

He seemed to be keenly studying her like a scientist immersed in his subject.

‘This strangely feels like an episode of You.’

The mesmerizing look in his eyes was a definite potrayal of pure passion and adoration.

He flashed her a quick playful grin. ‘Oh, but you’re so much more than that my love. This is a lifetime of being consumed by you. An episode just wouldn’t do.’ With that remark Will strode across the room with a spring in his heels and the agility of a young stag. His lips hungrily came down on hers, like rain feeding the earth. He not only ravished her with raw emotion, he filled her with electrifying desire.

His natural scent washed over her and as always, he was so intoxicating that it made her head spin and spiral with wild ideas that welled up her core.

A whimper disappeared into him as she drunk more of his love and the weaker she became the stronger the passion in him inflamed.

He kissed her harder, deeper until she was lost in him and couldn’t keep from wanting all of him. Her hands were now wrapped around his moist body in an attempt to draw him closer and in response he pulled her up to her feet, causing the kiss to break on the spur of the moment.

Your lips cover me with kisses; your love is better than wine.

Song of Solomon 1:2

‘Oh my god!’ She caught the time on her bed side clock. ‘I’m gonna be so late.’ She snapped out of her drunken state, turning back to the mirror to fix her lipstick and set her hair.

‘β™ͺUsirush hata ukitoka sahii you’ll still be lateβ™ͺ,’ he cajoled, grinding his waist sensually against her.

‘C’mon babe. I’m really going to be late for the investors meeting?’ She laughed, grabbing the girth of his manhood from behind, squeezing it and rubbing her bum against him. His towel dropped, the warmth of his erection searing through the light fabric of her shiffon dress.Β 

‘Is it not working?’ he replied. ‘You’re really going into work looking like that?’

‘Looking like what?’

‘Like a wholesome meal. You should meet this interested investor for lunch.’

‘I’ll have my people call yours,’ she played along, landing a sweet slap on his tight butt as she headed out.

Still, she could feel that stirring look in his eyes escorting her out. He had this power over her. He could make her feel things without the use of any words or even a physical touch. It was that mental connection – that deep, soulful connection – that made them a perfect match. More than words could tell, she was grateful that she’d found a man who not only matched her mind, her spirit and her sex drive, she’d found a partner and a friend in him. William gave her the kind of love that made her believe even more there was heaven on earth.

He was her heaven sent Angel.Β 

‘Stop staring!’ She called out, pretending she didn’t revel in his attention. In the black platform block heels she was aware that her ass was more lifted, tighter, and her strides were bolder. The seductress within her was in play, ensuring that she left him hankering.Β 


  • Song Solomon
  • God on Sex, Daniel Akin (2003)


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