Part One: Soul Food

Marriage is the context in which physical passion and pleasure is set free (Akin, 2003.) Akin further explains that when the senses of touch and taste come together, the resulting passion is more than one can handle. The passionate kiss is a telltale sign of a healthy, romantic marriage, even more than sex. On page 10 of the Marriage Partnership (1998) we find that, “The passionate kiss (avg. length one minute) reveals a lot about your relationship. Considered even more intimate than sex, passionate smooching is one of the first things to go when spouses aren’t getting along.”

It was the feeling that she was being watched that made her turn from the mirror, and there he was, leaning against the door frame. Fresh from the bathroom, he was draped in a voyeuristic veil and a dark blue towel that hang loosely around his waist, leaving just enough room for imagination. He seemed very intent on studying her like a scientist immersed in his subject.

“This strangely feels like a scene from YOU. Why are you looking at me like that?” She gestured with her finger.

He flashed her a quick, playful grin in response. The look in his eyes was a definite invitation. She could feel the passion raging in him. He had this way with her. Her mind. Her heart. Her body. He could make her feel things, without a single word or touch. It was a chemical connection. There was no denying they were good match for each other. Even their differences aligned. They complemented each other.

To love and to be loved was a godly experience. To be seen and especially, understood, was to be touched by God’s own love. 

“But you’re so much more than a momentary obsession,” he replied, making sure not to break the eye contact. “I am bound to a lifetime of being consumed by you. So, no. An episode just wouldn’t do.” And with that he eagerly strode across the room. In a delightful moment of passion, he cupped her face and let his lips come down on hers like rain feeding the earth. He had every intention to ravish her with raw emotion. 

His natural scent washed over her and, as usual, he was so intoxicating that it made her head spin and spiral with wild ideas that welled her core. Her heart pounded in her chest, her breathing got heavier. She let out little moans in his mouth. The weaker she became, the more she became restless, the stronger the passion in him was inflamed. The intensity of his kiss became harder and deeper, until they were both was lost in each other.

Your lips cover me with kisses;

your love is better than wine.

Song of Solomon 1:22

Her hands were now wrapped around his moist body in an attempt to draw him closer, and in response he pulled her up to her feet, causing the kiss to break in the spur of the moment. 

“Oh my god, babe!” She exclaimed. “I am gonna be so late.” The time on the clock snapped her out of her drunken state. She turned away from him and back to the dresser.

“♪Usirush hata ukitoka sahii you’ll still be late♪,” he cajoled, grinding his waist against her, unwilling to release her just yet. 

“C’mon baby. I am already running late for the investor’s meeting. You know how important today is, for the both of us. If I do this, I can finally take that much needed break and we can get away from the city for say, a month? I really need this. So don’t be here distracting your girl when she’s supposed to be prepping for the presentation. Okay?” She knew it was already too late to be issuing cease and desist warnings, but she did anyway. She longingly traced the girth of his manhood from behind her, and whined seductively against him, causing the towel between them to drop.The sweet warmth of his erection seared through the light fabric of her pencil skirt, making her gasp. She then bit her lip, regretting that she’d have to leave his delicious chocolate without a taste. 

“I am already more than invested in you,” he teased, he sunk his face in her neck and kissed her. “Is my pitch not working?”

Despite wanting to give in, she resisted his advances and continued to fix her hair. “You’re gonna have to pitch harder some other time, Mr. Private Investor. But right now I gotta go!”

“Okay then. Challenge accepted!” He retreated. He picked up the towel and sat on the bed, naked. His gaze still lingered on her feminine figure. She looked so beautiful. It was amazing how her sense of style had evolved over the years. Every day she seemed to unlock a new and better version of herself. It was one of the qualities he loved most about her. She was always open to learning and exploring. “So…you’re really going into work looking like that?”

“You mean, looking a boss babe who is about to bag the largest account yet for my firm? Yes, baby! I’m dressed for power moves baby. Why? Feeling a little jealous, Mr. Private Investor. Don’t want anybody else checking out these assets, huh?”

“As a matter of fact, I don’t. These assets are all mine, legally and otherwise. All mine.” He was a protective man.His assertion made her blush in all the right places. He definitely knew he was King of this turf with how he wasn’t hesitant to mark his territory. She found him very sexy everytime he owned her like that.

“You look ravishing. Like a wholesome meal that I would like to have for lunch?”

“I’ll check my schedule and have my people call yours,” she played along.

More than words could tell, Jo was grateful that she’d met a husband who not only matched her mind and sexuality, she’d also found deep friendship and a partner in life – someone who was always willing to make new memories and build new experiences that added value, fun and meaning to life. It then followed that she loved and respected him even more for his consistent effort and tenacity. Their marriage was not easy. They, liked every other married couple had seasons of disagreement and distance. But no matter what, William always made a point to make her feel wanted, valued, and desired. Love always brought them together. His commitment to their marriage and to everything that she was was, was the reason she chose to make him the happiest husband alive. He was the love of her life, the love she had always prayed and dreamed of. Being with a man of his character and charm caused her believe even more in God, in miracles, and in angels on earth.

“Okay, Mr. Private Investor. I’ll see you later. And you can stop staring!” She called out, pretending she didn’t absolutely revel in his attention. In the black platform block heels, she knew her ass was enhanced—more lifted, tighter, and her strides were bolder. She also knew how much he loved it. The seductress within her was in play, ensuring that she left him hankering. 

She was midway out when he said her name. “Hey Jo?”

“Yes baby?”

He stood up and approached her. He took her free hand, and interlocked their fingers. “I am so proud of how hard you grind. Your energy is inspirational. And I know without a doubt, you got this!” He then kissed her forehead. “You can do all things…”

“Through Christ who strengthens me.”

“Amen,” both of them prayed. 


… to be continued.


  • Song Solomon
  • God on Sex: The Creator’s Ideas about Love, Intimacy, and Marriage, Daniel L. Akin (2003)


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