Part Two: Career Satisfaction

Continued from here

The Executive’s Position

His presence filled the room as soon as he walked in, like he was about to fill something else up; something much tighter than the navy blue fitting pants that snug around his lean muscles.

The door clicked shut behind him. Flawlessly, he turned the lock and she jerked lightly. Her body was doing that thing again. But this time she didn’t want to fight her urges and neither were they random. Every nerve in her suddenly became well aware of the intensity charging between them as he approached. Her skin sparked with electricity with each step he took, with the visible stretch of fabric on every inch of his body and over his slightly bulged manhood. He was verily endowed that even when he was limp, the imprint of his dick remained impressive.

‘You’re late,’ she demanded hotly, stopping him midway, as her red lips curled into a mysterious frown. Awaiting his response, swinging from side to side, she casually fell back into his chair, assuming his executive position, effectively establishing dominance.

She eyed him curiously, running up the length of him like a scanner. As she did, she exerted her chest into the air, her breasts tingling with delicious warmth right at her hardening tips. Perspiration broke under her attire, a trail of sweat running down her enticing cleavage.

‘Pardon my miscalculation Miss. It wasn’t my intention to keep you waiting.’ He spoke, bowing his head a little, having taken his cue. He then licked his lips a little more. One hand in his pocket, he swung his hips a little as an open display of his readiness, as though he was testing her power and patience.

Subjugation wasn’t at all in his nature. Not when it came to sex, or anything else for that matter. Nathan liked… had to be the man.

But not today.

‘You’re late at any rate,’ she replied flatly, her displeasure evident in her bossy tone. ‘Do you understand what that means for you?’


Blue was definitely his color, she noted for the millionth time as he stood before her.

In any other color, Nate was no different from every other Tom, Dick and Harry. Ordinary asf! But in blue, damn! In blue anything the man was like an entirely new strain of eccentric magic – a concoction of pure style, indelible power and dripping sexiness.

He stood out, even in a crowd (and not only because of his perfect height and posture;) and ceased being a man completely. He became the fucking ocean! Calm. Serene. Riveting. Deep. Fuck! Really deeeeeeep…fuck!..Fuck! He could go much much deeper.

* * * * * * * * * *

The eight months she’d worked for Nate – on whim tirelessly working her waist underneath him – had felt like an unexpected cruise that accrued the compulsive risk of exploring the different parts of his nature. She became a fearless, curious sailor navigating through foreign waters, steered by her insatiable desire for wanderlust.

What would she find, small fish, big fish, or monstrous exotic creatures? Would she stumble into a treasure chest waiting at the bottom of the sea, filled with ancient relics and priceless gems? Would he be her anchor? Or would she get lost at sea and drift into a wreckage, swimming with the broken hearts and skeletons of those who came before? Also, how wide were his bounds? How vast? How deep did his waters run and how sufficient were his banks?

At work, under his expert direction, she’d grown both socially and professionally and in a span of three months she had been able to build an impressive network of connections (that would tip a major shift in her career in the near future.) As a result, she’d managed to reinvent herself and redifine her ultimate career objectives – a project that was currently thriving and like her, was still in progress. In her current position at the agency however, being the newest employee with the least experience and barely any real responsibilities, she was simply unsatisfied. She wanted more. Had to get it, one way or the other.

And life had just the perfect way of maintaining balance, presenting her with a different kind of pleasure.

Huge mistake as she would learn, however. Choices had consequences and things didn’t always go as planned. A year later she would find out why her biggest lesson would be to never mix work with pleasure, especially when it came in the form of a Boss too good to be true.

* * * * * * * * * *


‘Yes Miss, I understand.’

‘And what would that be?’

‘That I am at your mercy, Miss. I serve only you. Your wish is my command, Miss.’ He pledged his loyalty. A calm look possessed his handsome features as he awaited further instructions and his dark eyes narrowed, consumed by his lust for her.

His nerves were usually this calm after a few ‘meditative’ minutes on the rooftop. Instead of breathing exercises or affirmations, Nate would stand not in the middle of a self created safe circle but right at the edge of the rooftop, with a distant look in his eyes, faded. The look of a man with no fear in him – like he was contemplating how much damage a jump from that distance would do to the human body. Once in a while, he’d look up blankly, blowing white circles in the air, building castles – – mansions and rows of apartments in the air. He could own this land, be a wealthy man and accumulate property. But what if he didn’t stay grounded, or in the same place? What if he could soar and fly? Then he’d look at his expensive digital watch, one last puff of cancer filled smoke and God knows what other toxic chemicals blowing through his nose, a crushed butt dwindling under his shoe.

His first experience had been behind an old, browning dormitory several years back. He hadn’t been alone. Like most – like the other three culprits involved – at fifteen he’d been nothing more than a confused pimply face, with a weird unkempt mohawk, child-like thoughts and schemes and adult-like impulses. Four misguided teenage bodies packed with rioting hormones, driven by the spirit of adventure and the reckless need to satisfy their curiosity. With time, such curiosity had turned into a life long addiction with lifetime repercussions. Over a decade later, black stuff – soot – was buried beneath his short finger nails, embedded in his prints, his skin, his hair, his lips, his eyes, his lungs, his clothes, his office… He left his stink in everything he owned; everything he touched, call it cigars touch. An addiction he’d often laughed off and one that not even all the mint drops and the Orbit mint variety box in his desk, or the garlic he secretly snuck in his inside pocket, or even the most sensual cologne she’d ever encountered could mask.

In some instances, call them moments of passion – when he got angry, or unusually hyper, or even when he was fervently pounding his meat into her gushing pink slit – she’d discovered, Nate was all but calm. Lord knows he constantly needed all the dopamine and serotonin in his nerves! In those moments she’d seen the sea in him swelling up, rising and raging, crushing in hard, ferocious waves that overwhelmed and swamped everyone around him.

That said, Kaari did not particularly enjoy kissing him. All that smoking left a bitter taste on his lips and on hers and made his throat sound slimy. But he made up for it in other ways.

Life had pleasant ways of maintaining balance. And just thinking about the things besides kissing, that he could do with his mouth and just the tip of his tongue made her lose her balance...

* * * * * * * * * *


She jerked again, this time her leather skirt squeaking against the fabric of the seat.

On her list, being the Boss of him was number twelve. He was trying his best to behave, this being both their first time.

‘Are you okay, Miss?’ He teased, a playful look now etched on his face, like he was about to break into a laugh.

She feigned annoyance and intentionally ignored the fact that his erection was now full and bulging against his trousers. ‘Did you find that amusing? Have you forgotten your place, slave?’

‘No. I am sorry, Miss,’ Nate quickly offered back his apology.

‘Apology not accepted. Take off your clothes, ‘came her immediate punishment

‘Miss?’ Hesitation.

‘Did I stutter?’


‘Shut up and get naked.’

His jaw clenched, his features turning hard, the veins on his temple growing bigger. He maintained eye contact as he took off his tie, unbottoned his shirt and took off his vest to reveal his dark, hard, hairy nipples and an even harder chest. He’d been working out, she deduced from the fine cubes outlined on his torso. Slowly, he took off his belt, almost like he wasn’t sure that he should. In charge and totally in control of her rising desire she watched him, unflinching. The sound of his zipper was oddly loud as he pushed it down even slower. ‘Is there a problem with my little slave?’

‘Do we have time for this Kay? Someone might cat-‘

‘Sshh. You said anything. Now, get on with it.’

‘Yes, forgive me Miss.’ He obeyed, this time stepping out of his shoes, socks and pants like a man on a mission. When he was done, he stood astride with his angry cock in his hand and his balls, dark and full hanging between his hairy legs. Her core moistened and tightened as she inspected him further. More evidence of his athletics curved along his waist, digging a deep V into his pelvic area where dark, relentless curls spilled, tapering off his thick shaft.

‘On your knees!’

He obeyed. Slowly, he went down on his knees and immediately knew to crawl to where she was now standing…

* * * * * To be continued


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