Many a time,

Most of us are quick to forget.Β 

After all this time,

We’re still the same creatures, patterns flawed and imperfect.

Β We are quick forgetΒ our own strength, quick to forget who we truly are,

Condemning ourselves to lead most of our lives reckless and eager,

Anxiously looking inΒ foreign places –

Searching in childrens’ smiles, in people’s faces,

Could the answers be in strangers’ eyes, the familiar spaces?Β 

Looking for anything to fill the emptiness,

Anything, to forget our own mess.


Many a time,

After all this time,

We still have not learnt –

From the pain we refuse to emerge,

And remain slaving to our ruthless past,

Trapped, lost in an endless search,

Turning the inside out,Β 

Rifling through all the wrong places,

For what is right inside, if only we did not defy our guts,

If only we could listen to the heart.

Open your eyes. Remember who you are!

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