Milky Way

It’s a love situation,

I love him –

He loves me back,

Do all the things that lovers do –

But we never make love;

We only ever fuck,



Every flick of his tongue on my clit,

Every time he pulls and sucks on my lips;

Like –

‘Feed me!’

images (5).jpeg

It’s like magic,

How it flows and trickles,

My hot fountain down his throat,

How it makes him grow –

Bigger. Harder. Hungrier. Stronger.

He comes up, he sucks and licks a nipple,

He rolls and pinches the other;

Gently, he nibbles,

And I am like,


Tender kisses,

Wet kisses,

Deep, explosive kisses,


I taste better on his hungry lips,

Smell better on his silken skin,

Feel better in his possessive grip,


‘Give it to me!’

I take him in my hand-

He is fucking hard,

Hot and ready,

I smile and squeeze hard,

I am wet and ready.

‘Rub it on your clit baby, you know you want to.’

I rub him against my slit, he knows I want to,

Damn, it really feels good too.

It’s a sticky situation,

How he knows all I am into,

All of my kinks and the simple things too.

Skin to skin in his arms –

Deep inside me he pumps and grunts,

Teasing and pleasing,

Rocking my world,

It feels out of this world!



How it flows and trickles,

Into my world, his milky way,

Lighting me up in a million inexplicable ways,

It’s like floating on a cloud on a summer’s day,

Tingly toes and short breaths,

Sweaty skin and wet sheets,

A pounding heart and a throbbing cunt,

Cloud nine and far beyond.

He collapses beside me,


‘You’re my heaven.’

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