Ghost Town

Walking down this desolated aisle
Back to these bittersweet memories
Shuffling down the old dirty paths
Of what used be our little world
What I thought was my heaven on earth
Reminiscing on the could have beens
The big dreams and our grand plans
The seemingly undying hope.

It’s a lonely path
The frigid wind whistles by, a sore company
My footsteps resound
Broken glass crashing under my feet
The empty photo frames now hold ghastly spider webs
And the ghosts of our dead love float by
Haunting, taunting me.

A strong blow of nostalgia hits me!
And I snap back to the harsh reality
All that is now gone with the wind
Like dust – we were merely chaff
I eagerly shake my head
Discarding every painful thought.

The bad moments flood in
The ceaseless fights
Your voice rising over mine
Mine over yours
The tears I cried
The broken bond
The broken trust
The broken love.


It hit hard
The hurricane
Washed out all the affection
Drowned all my tears and sorrows
Made as hard as stone
It’s cold as ice –
My once fragile heart
And when the thunder clapped
The lightning healed my blindness
Yes, I saw the light
I saw your bitter truth
The flash struck out my ingenuousness
Made me wiser.

And looking back to all the emptiness
I cognize I wanted you more.

images (6).jpeg

But not anymore.


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