All there is between you and I,
Is the toe-curling silence;
That is resounding, ringing in my ears.

Suffocating in the salient tension –
It’s airtight in here!
It’s getting harder to breathe,
I’ve got to surface for some air!

The unspoken words that linger,
The questions imprinted in your eyes,
The doubt that is plastered on your face –
These voices inside my head they mock and scorn me,
I can’t help but wonder,
Are they a reflection of my own?

Cause we are playing endless, meaningless mind games,
The exhausting blame games,
Pointing fingers and forgetting the four that tell foul about us,
Competing with each other’s demons,
Testing each other’s vile,
Going round and round in endless circles,
Spinning round and around, like a carousel.

Hide and seek is for little kids
Baby two wrongs don’t make it

The tables, they turned-
And now hate is the new way we show love,
Shattered glass, scattered on the
We try to fix it, bleeding endlessly, slowly,  painfully in love.

These cracks on the walls that we never fixed,
Now there’s a rift;
And the frost outside is seething, biting,
Stealing its way in.

And we cannot make love against those walls-
They just might cave in,
Destroying the little love that is left,
Crushing the flicker of hope that is left.

See the heavy grey clouds outside?
Baby it’s December,
And tonight, hell will rain!

See, these are the signs, our end is nigh,
When lovers turn into foes,
We can barely recognize each other,
We can hardly say two words without
unnecessary noise,
Making war and ruthlessly maiming love,
Dissing and kissing,
Sipping on each others poison,
It ceased to be the rose that smells good,
Now its the thorn that stings deep!

See baby,
Someone is going to get hurt, dear Lord
help me!
Someone is going to get cut, tonight a soul will bleed,
Someone is going to get crushed, we
are surely crumbling,
Someone is going to get scarred –
They say with time it heals.

But I will run,
Heads over heels from love,
Run, as fast as my heavy heart will allow me!

 I will run!
And catch my breath,
Never daring to look back,
Look where that got Lot’s wife.

images (5).jpeg

See, I refuse to lead a bitter life,
Frozen in the ugliness of a burning home,
Haunted by the sight of a broken home,
Trapped in the wreckage of two broken hearts.

I will wear my cape and be my own hero,
Cause baby it’s safer watching from the side lines!



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