In the Arms of Sorrow

I have met pain.
I have endured pain.
I have experienced pain.
And one thing is for sure,
That it hurts.

I know that pain is inhuman.
Pain doesn’t have a heart,
She just shamelessly walks into your life,
Bursting in through the front door with all her hideousness,
Unannounced, with no warning,
No notice,
No permission.

Selfishly she creates room in your heart,
Never mind that she was uninvited,
Into that heart that has been broken one too many times,
A heart that can contain just too much within its weak walls,
Without them breaking and caving in.

Where there was love, where there was joy and happiness,
She puts her bags and hangs her coats,
Where there was hope and where there was faith,
She puts her doormat and she dusts her feet,
Raising the settled dust,
Bringing back memories that you would rather forget,
And she invades your life, putting out the lights,
Ushering in unfathomable darkness.

I know that pain will dig her sharp, dirty claws into your heart,
And maim you, bleeding out your hopeless soul,
Leaving you empty and cold,
Vacant, with no dreams,
Blinded, with no vision,
No determination.

She will put her ruthless arms around you and embrace you with cruelty,
She will happily introduce you to her accomplice- loneliness,
Then you will lose touch with what matters, so lost beyond rescue,
And she will kiss your empty life with callous desire,
Filling you with a hatred for life and everything in it,
Bringing warm tears to your face as though to mock you,
As though to remind you of the warmth that you once knew,
A warmth that does not reflect anymore when you look into the mirror,
Because all you see is a ghost so pale with anguish,
And when she is done she will lay you in the arms of sorrow.

I know of pain.
It hurts, the way she so easily turns your whole life upside down,
Emptying you,
Draining you,
Robbing you of the things that matter,
And I swear you feel you it leave you,
Like being stripped off a piece of you,
You will feel a harsh cold breeze cutting through you,
And you will feel your life changing,
You will feel a shiver run through,
A weight lifted off you,
And then you will feel blue,
You will literally hear the sound of your heart shuttering, like glass,
And you will put your hand to your chest,
Maybe it will help make it beat a little slower,
Maybe you can shield it from the pain,
Or maybe you will stop the way it hurts,
You will fight with the lump stuck at your throat,
But the pain won’t stop; she will push it till you break.

I have met pain,
She is a merciless bitch,
And no, she won’t drown in that bottle of scotch,
She won’t dissipate in the smoke you blow,
Your weakness is her source of strength,
The weaker you are, the stronger she gets,
And the stronger you are, the weaker she gets.

See pain,
like everything else,
is not forever,
It all comes to an end,

Under the sun there is a season for everything,
Eventually, the dust will settle
And there will be light at the end of the tunnel,
Pain demands to be felt;
feeling is what makes us human,
And that is the thing –
To feel it but do not live with it.



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