Fight to Make Up

But we are caught up in endless mazes
In the lies we told to fit each others definition of the truth
The games we played
Lose ends and missing puzzle pieces.

Pretending is what is real, someone once said
So we hang on to that and live on
Acting like everything is okay
Hoping that someday, it will be okay
And still we get caught up
Trapped in the false sense of reality
Blindly leading each other to the edge of the cliff
And fight over who should jump first.

Sleeping with a rift between us
More like a frigid wall of ice
Pride is heavy in the air
Heavy breathing, fast breathing
And we struggle to take up each other’s oxygen
Strangling, suffocating!

And we are caught up in races
Hunting each other down, with prizes on each other’s heart
Running in endless circles
A gun pointed to my head, a knife held over your chest
Round and round we go around the flame
And we are in flames, screaming our lungs out
Raising our voices over each otherโ€™s
Then it’s all ashes.

So baby let’s pick up our pieces
Take my hand and we will salvage what is still left of us
Broken as we are we’ll last through this
Because darling we ride or die
And we will wear our scars
Some day, turn them into stars
When it gets too dark theyโ€™ll light our path
As corny as it may sound we are not a clichรฉ
Let’s mend this love
Make love like savages
And we’ll be up till we’re sore
Like tomorrow won’t come!


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