Part Three: Roman Candle

Continues from here

Two Weeks Earlier.
10:30 p.m.

Nova dropped the white bath robe on the tribal African plush rug and it fell off her curvaceous body with a soft thud, gathering around her tired feet. The rug – thrifted purely on impulse from an antique shop, while on a team building mission in the Rift Valley – was soft and cushiony under her burning heels.

She could not recall her feet being this sore after the intense rock climbing at Hell’s Gate. Her mind was filled only with the fresh memories of the breathtaking, heart-stirring, spine-tingling scenery; the feeling of falling in love, the feeling of freedom, and singing winds breezing through her straight hair. She’d stumbled upon the realization that there was so much more to life than her trivial worries and anxieties about her tight schedules and being an extremely worn out working mother and wife.

They’d missed the lions at the park that day, unfortunately; something about it being too hot at 4 p.m. and they were probably lion around somewhere in the yellow, grassy wild. She chuckled now, as she had then. Her mind vividly replayed the female guide’s voice as she naturally narrated to them the intricates of wildlife – explaining how lions were nocturnal hunters and for much of the rest of the time, they were the embodiment of somnolence, taking their royal naps.

In another life, she mused, she was probably a wild, magnificent lioness. Thinking her analogy rather silly, Nova dipped her small chubby toes with red varnish into the hot bath, which was bubbling with therapeutic bath essentials she’d collected from all over the world. And also, from a throng of online stores – the offers were impossible to resist!

Her queen sized bathroom was the perfect haven. Ethan had joked, on occasion, how she had quickly turned it into an exquisite gift shop; what with the wooden carvings perched on the different floating shelves, the little colourful trinkets arranged neatly on the vintage wooden chest by the door, the traditional and abstract paintings that hang on one wall and her absolute favourite, the divine femininity dream catcher that dangled in the middle of the room with little charms, coloured feathers and sculptures of half naked African women of all shapes and sizes hanging from the strings attached to its ring.


‘..looks like a shrine or an antique museum in here,’ Ethan had teased.

And it was – an exotic, timeless collection of all the places she had been to, reminders of her most treasured memories, meaningful links and friendships that she’d developed in her extraordinary encounters with deviant beliefs and cultures.

As Nova sunk into the tub, a soft sigh of relief escaped her slightly parted lips. That feels so damn good! The water soothed her sore body, ridding her exhaustion almost instantly. Healing. 

Finally! She thought, as she relaxed her sore limbs and muscles, and inclined to a more comfortable position. She reached for the glass of wine and sipped. She swished it around in her mouth, holding it to savour each unique taste and then downed it. Another smooth sip and she rested her head against the corner tub.

Other people took walks or took their dogs for walks, and others went out to drink and dance away their worries. Music had a way of giving meaning to the unspoken things people shelved inside.

Others fell completely off the grid like some sort of camouflage or hibernation and shut out the outside world. While others went to great limits, travelling across borders, over sea and into deep forests, to seek out the wisdom of enlightened gurus.

She was her own guru however, her own healer. She had fine wine for fine company and a hot tub; all the magic she ever needed. Besides, her bathroom was practically (in Ethan’s words) an antique museum. Archaic and artistic. There’s so much power, emotion and magic in both art and history – she could be anywhere she wished herself.

And in the words of Thomas Merton,’ she thought out loud, raising her glass to her prized collection, ‘ “art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ‘ 

She drank to life.

In this life, she reckoned introspectively, her mind drifting back to the lions, I must be as gentle as a dove and as wild as a lioness…a fucking lion woman.

Her little cubs were well fed and soundly tucked in. Savanah was the fiercest of them, with equally fierce thespian talents. She was passionate about her little tea parties and maintaining her doll houses. She perfectly played the role of a loving but strict mother and, doctor to Kami – her fluffy hand woven Ugandan doll with bulging ocean blue plastic doll eyes and puffy yellow hair made from yarn, flaring like an amber flame.

Kai on the other hand was the adventurous cub. His little mind was always in supersonic motion, always curious. He enjoyed the company of his picture story books; Hare and the Elephant King was his favourite fable, a classic illustration of brain versus brawn. And when he wasn’t teasing his twin sister or reading a book – buried deep within it’s pages, lost in the different worlds and experiencing novel adventures – Kai was immersed in his puzzles or enthralled in a super hero animation in their comfy living room. His current obsession was the Black Panther.

8:49 p.m.

‘Mama, Kami’s left eye popped! She’s staring at me funny. She says Kai dropped her.’ Savanah cried.

‘Is that true Kai, are you teasing your sister again?’ Nova inquired, inspecting Kami. ‘Ow, that looks ugl-… Kai, what happened to Kami?’ She turned towards him.

With his arms crossed in an X sign on his chest, he hissed in a caricatured voice, ‘The Black Panther lives!’

‘More like the Killmonger!’ An apprehensive Savanah cried dramatically. Between her sobs, she managed a frail, ‘H..he hurt..t mm-y babyyy..’

Each one was tucked in and Nova had been about to sit in the rocking chair between their adjacent beds for a bedtime story when the chaos struck. Again. They’d both been acting out all week, understandably – owing to their father’s absence.

She had missed him too.

The house was a lot quieter without that rapturous laughter that resounded in every room like thunder; much colder without the rich, lusty redwood musk of his Polo Red by  Ralph Lauren, infused with warm golden amber for a tantalizing finish. She missed how his six-feet-two frame filled the doorways and owned the brown leather mega recliner in the living room.

Savanah had missed hosting and had been complaining on end how Kami was getting moody because she missed their special guest and his butterfly kisses which soon turned into tickles and easily into big bear hugs.

‘Kai be good to your sister. A King protects his family,’ she reprimanded. Kai was now sitting upright in his bed. ‘The Wakandan King is a warrior and I doubt he would feed the evil dragon.’

She could see it sparkling in his sad, droopy eyes. He missed his adventures with his dad. Twice a month, they drove out to the forest about 9 kilometres away and each time he came home exhilarated and pumped with lively tales of the paranomic lake hidden deep in the forest. His eyes would light up, bright like beaming stage lights as he narrated in his adorable, boyish cackle the tale of the two headed dragon.

Legend held that the mystical dragon could talk and was the judge of good and evil in the land. One head would swallow up those deemed evil and the other head would reward the innocent with magic fire. Only those with pure souls would be allowed to drink the magical waters from the lake, inducting them into the secret and revered clan of the Dragon, The Brotherhood of Truth by Fire – their clan totem was a double edged sword beaming with the dragon’s flame.

10:59 p.m.

As she soaked in the serenity of her solitude, Nova delved deeper into her thoughts. She tried as much as she could not to bring her work home, and on most days, she succeeded. But on other days, the mental baggage from work followed her home.

12hours earlier.

Catie knocked lightly, then popped her small head in, her long blonde hair extensions toppling in first. She stood at about five feet tall, with a wiry frame, a noticeably thin face with sharp angular cheekbones – a prominent feature on her dainty face – sharp eyes, a long nose, wide lips and a cleft between her teeth. She had a beautiful smile. And also loved big, bold wigs that contrasted highly with her ebony skin.

What would I do without her and her wigs? They surely had to have a personality of their own.

In her shrill voice she announced, ‘Hey Mrs. King, your eleven-thirty appointment. . .they’re here.’

Nova checked the time. 11:22 a.m. ‘Okay.  Get the papers ready and show them in.’

‘Pronto!’ She called back and disappeared as fast as she’d shown up, leaving behind the sweet scent of her floral perfume.

Moments later Catie’s signature knock fell on her door in three light taps and the door opened. ‘Here we are,’ came Catie’s voice as she ushered in two ladies.

One female adult walked in first. Mrs. Helena Mtetezi, who’d called a couple of days earlier to schedule the appointment. She had been breathing fire and brimstone over the phone.

Behind her trailed a younger female, with a cute round face, full, healthy cheeks and her mother’s wide nose. Her big, puffy Afro was tied in a pineapple shaped bun over her head, with two beaded locks swaying on either side of her pretty face. She’d been suspended from school for allegedly engaging in immoral and abnormal same sex relations.

‘Welcome to Alternative Lyfe Care. I am glad you could make it. Please, have a seat.’ Nova said warmly.

‘Thank you Mrs. King,’ Mrs. Mtetezi heaved heavily as she sat on the couch to the left.  Between them,  was a small coffee table with a glass top. In the bottom compartment,  one could see the colorful brochures and self help books, leaflets and magazines. A bowl of toffees and chocolates was the centre piece.

Across her, the younger female sat quietly with her hands anxiously tucked between her laps, barely breathing. Her sad puffy eyes were an obvious indication that she’d been doing some serious crying.

‘That’s her, my queer daughter, Gathoni.’ Mrs. Mtetezi sneered. ‘This one is a reckless and Godless creature! Can you imagine she wants to embarrass me? Me,’ pointing at herself, as she pressed her slightly crooked fingers into her voluptuous chest, ‘a faithful of Christ, an unfailing intercessor and church elder, a respected and well known woman in this society and she wants to smear and tarnish my name with her devious, selfish and immoral desires as if I haven’t taught her any better! Can you believe it?’

This time talking directly at her daughter, ‘I would take you to my Bishop, but I’d have to tell him about your filthy demons and only God knows what else, and I won’t have that! way! I will not be mocked in such ways. Wh-why couldn’t you just be normal like every other girl your age, huh? You just had to be an abomination. God help me!’

Turning her gaze towards Nova, ‘Let’s hope she can fix you.’

‘Aaaaargh! I can’t do this,’ Gathoni burst out. Tears of pain welled up her reddened eyes and flowed freely down her cheeks. Her face grew dark with torment and her full glossy lips shook erratically as she spoke. ‘I HATE MY LIFE.I CAN’T DO THIS!’ She cried and ran out like a wounded animal.

‘Ahhh. Leave the wretched thing. She can’t go far, she’ll be back,’ Mrs. Mtetezi said as Nova got on her heels after her.

‘I’ll go get her back,’ Nova responded. She stopped midway and sat in the empty seat across Mrs. Mtetezi.

‘I’ll be honest with you Mrs. Mtetezi. Situations like this are not uncommon and most parents, in my experience, find it extremely difficult to accept their gay children. The first step however should not be rejection, rather, it should be communication. You need to have a real conversation with your daughter. Your anger only hurts her and pushes her away. Right now,  she’s a confused teenager battling with a myriad of emotions. Talk with her, talk to her but not at her. And to answer your question, no, I cannot fix her for you. She’s not broken, she’s not a thing for you to pull apart or fix. She is your child and she needs her mother – your comfort and your love. You more than I, are in a better position to help her realize her true self…’

11:16 p.m.

Nova’s phone aroused her from the trance,  drawing her back to the present. She picked the vibrating device from the ceramic surface and her heart beat accelerated as soon as his face beamed in her face.

‘Hey there my King!’ Her moist lips curved into a sexy, welcoming smile – one she knew hugged his soul.

‘Daamn woman! Talk about perfect timing,’ he winked. ‘I am glad I caught you.’

‘Me too,’ came her loving response. ‘Dontcha just wish you were here with me?’ She teased, flashing her phone between her angled legs.

‘As a matter of fact,’ he drawled back.‘I just got back to my room and I must say, it has been an extremely long and hectic day. Long meetings. Productive but still so damn long – ‘ he kicked off his shoes with apparent frustration, then placed his phone on the bedside table and sat on the King size bed a few steps back. ‘But I don’t want to talk about work right now. We’ll be done here soon – I – I couldn’t get my thoughts off you baby. I really miss you.’ He confessed.

Her heart leapt from its cage and was now pounding hard between her soaked legs, deep within her roused core. She recognized that sexy, hungry drawl, deep with emotion and imbued with unmistakeable fervor and prurience. Every word that rolled off his deft tongue was accentuated with a certain sense of eroticism and longing; a longing that she was no stranger to. She was filled with her own ache – which on most days and restless nights, hit her in intense, demanding and crushing waves that left her longing for him even more. She shuddered slightly, desperately craving to have that mouth of his latched on her dark, firmed nipples.

Ethan started to take off his jet black coat, then proceeded to loosen the red tie from around his neck. He undid a few of the buttons on his crisp white shirt – the first two – then diverted his focus to the swivel bar silver cufflinks, which he carefully removed and placed on the bed.

‘Hm – how bad?’ She stifled a moan, wriggling her soapy legs in the bubbly bath.

‘Get out of the bath for me babe, will you?’ He instructed. ‘No, no. Don’t cover up.. I want to see you.’

Nova obliged his commands and carefully emerged from the tub. The froth slid off her silken skin as she traced her way to their bedroom, leaving a white bubbly trail behind her. She propped her phone on their bed, against the pillows at an angle, allowing him the pleasure of the perfect view.

By now, Ethan on the other side had folded up his sleeves and pulled down his trousers, leaving them and his white boxers halfway around his knees.

Fuck, that’s my daddy! She gasped, inhaling deeply. She watched, salivating, as he firmly stroked his engorged member, which he pointed right at her as hard, concrete evidence of how bad he’d missed her. He seemed so much bigger from that angle. Her heart thudded harder, threatening to explode within her with divine pleasure – it was as though she was setting eyes on his monstrosity for the first time. She swallowed hard.

At the back of her mind, she knew she was supposed to be cold, probably even gritting her teeth in the twelve degrees afforded by April nights. Instead, a delicious warmth ignited between her moist thighs, spreading through her from her head to her curled toes, then back up to her pointed nipples, where she was all nerves and sensation.

Her lips still tasted like wine when she licked them; slowly and intentionally, craving to have his etched on hers, searching her mouth with his curious tongue, feeding her his immeasurable love and palatable lust.

She swayed her hips from side to side, popping her ass as she heeded the tune of her flourishing body language. She thrust her chest out and gingerly ran her cold hands over her juicy mounds, encircling her dark nipples and rolling each one between her index finger and thumb, pinching at her pointed tips as though she were plucking dark, sappy berries. As she kneaded and fondled her tingling,  creamy flesh, Ethan let out a guttural,  masculine grunt – a mighty roar that roiled her right to her creamy core. The primal beast inside him had surfaced to feed.  He was hungry and she was ready to be devoured.

A new found sense of urgency gripped her. Her left hand found it’s way down between her legs, rubbing the pad of her index finger on her clit as she continued to fondle her breast with her right one. ‘Ooh fuck baby! I am so fucking wet for you!’

Ethan was panting heavily on the other end. His big, black cock was painfully erect, throbbing against his firm grip, needing his wife’s tight embrace. His head was spinning, heavy with wild thoughts of all the ways he would fuck the freaky tease out of her and have his way. He would fuck her mouth, he wanted to fill her glorious box with his wand and her ass… Shit! He groaned again, stroking his dick harder and faster, relishing his sweet torture. Two more weeks, he consoled himself.  Just two more and she’ll be mine again.  

‘Turn around,’ came his stern direction. ‘Slowly.’

Like a swan, she turned in a deliberate, graceful twirl, exposing herself to him, letting him drink in and devour every inch of her glistening body. She was standing on her side as she slid out her digits from her pussy and creamed her right nipple with her milky arousal.

‘I am so fucking horny. I want your black cock in my mouth.’ She deftly put out her pink hungry tongue and licked off her spicy fluids from her finger.

His body went into a wild rage at the sight of the seductive display put up by his naughty wife. She was everything the fucking love of his life. Incredibly sexy, he wished he could teleport back home. If only he could..

His full, tight balls pulsated under his grip, his body tensing up as his orgasm pooled inside him.

‘Part your legs and bend.’ He had other ideas.

* * * * * Roman Candle * * * * *

Ethan could almost feel the grin on her face as he quaked and pulsated inside her with each wave.

Slanting forward, he reached for her face as though he was going in for a kiss,  he breathed in her ear and dipped two fingers in her mouth. Her sides were still wet and sticky from the mind blowing blow job earlier. With his free hand, he reached for a hard nipple, rolled it, then squeezed her warm, silky flesh. He quaked inside her again. She was now deftly licking his fingers, sliding her tongue hungrily between them as though she was sucking his dick.

‘Yes. That’s my good pussy!’ He groaned with desire as he rammed into her,  his manhood inspecting her tight walls with the sheer hunger and the thirst of a curious explorer. Nova synchronously tightened and relaxed her walls around his shaft, charging him with raw, insurmountable pleasure. His dick was now meticulosuly creamy at the base, and in that red mellow light gracing their room, he looked like his dick had caught on fire. She’d always been his fire!


‘Are you ready to come for me baby?’ he demanded hotly.  He could feel her getting hotter and hotter by the minute. Her muscles tightened and tensed around his hot rod. He knew she was ready.

‘Say yes!’ He spanked her.

‘Yes daddy!’ She whimpered.

He groaned, spreading her now wet, shiny and insanely silky butt cheeks as he slammed faster and excitedly into her spot. Two more jerks and like a volcano,  she erupted, spraying her hot juices in a sexy hiss. Her immense warmth sent explosive ripples through his body and he could no longer hold back. He pumped her animatedly as his own release started to build and coil up from his centre.

He swiftly pulled out and held his throbbing dick between her ass cheeks as his orgasm tore through him. His kink and savegery took over him as he wildly milked out his load. His cock exploded and spouted, spilling his load on her tight asshole,  spreading on her back in a motion emulating the explosion of a Roman candle.

* * * * *

Under him, she breathed heavily with her eyes shut tightly. Her legs felt numb and her body felt  weightless, like maybe she was floating on a cloud. Cloud nine.

‘Are you real? That was insanely out of this world,’ she asked, when she finally cooled down. ‘I could do this all night.’

‘Ha ha,’ he laughed. ‘You’re insatiable. But we have a party to host.’


************ Continued here


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