Life is a process

And so are you.

You are forever in motion,

Constantly growing,

Expanding –

Even when it really doesn’t feel like it,

And especially when it feels excruciatingly painful and ugly.

In that moment,

You need to realize;

That you are a powerhouse,

You are cosmic,

The life that flows within you is Godly,

And it has taken a lot to get to you.

It’s taken the destruction of generations and the creation of new eras,

It’s take bloodshed and sweat,

It’s taken death and catastrophe,

It’s taken the falling and the rebirth of nations, the crumbling and rebuilding of empires,

It’s taken the rising and falling of heroes, the creation of legends and the defeat of villains,

To get you to this moment.

Of all the things that could have happened,

Every element in the universe combined and colluded,

To give you,


You are here,

Still breathing,

And that alone,

Is everything!

You are a revolution;

You are worth the light of ten thousand suns.

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