Part One : Felicia

* * * * * Tension.
He’s trouble! She figured. Hella trouble. Felicia smiled down at her phone, nibbling lightly on the lid of her pen as she read his message.
Hey Fefe, what are you up to?
Against her better judgement she started typing,
I am in the library.The finals are up in a month..BUT I’d rather be doing something more interesting,
and clicked on send without giving it a second thought.

Jake was her classmate.

She’d never really noticed him before until three months ago when they were breaking for the Christmas holidays.

On the particular day they met she’d worn a black body con peplum dress with cheetah prints on either side and nude peep-toe heels, which accentuated her perfectly toned calves and the oomph in her strut, flashing her red varnish in the glinting sun. She’d kept her hair in a neat, bob-cut which enhanced her perfectly round face and succulent cheeks and bounced playfully in the wind as she walked.

It was about noon when she walked through the gate, flashing her school ID at the female security guard. All her three years in the system and she still hadn’t caught her name. The guard was in a plain white short sleeved blouse with a logo on the left breast and navy blue pants with side pockets. A matching hat rested on the security desk, next to the visitor’s log. She had short hair and a long average face with a conspicuous nose – with visibly wide pores – and pronounced cheek bones. She always offered a quick, friendly ‘Sasa’ and a polite smile at the gate as though to ease the awkwardness of checking through people’s bags. But what really stood out about her was her perpetually dark skin. Plain as she was, with dry hair and no make up or even a hint of balm on her small obtrusive pink lips, she was black and beautiful, a true melanin queen.

Felicia returned the guard’s smile and walked past the metal detecting panels and into campus. Unlike normal school days, when there was a frenzy of activity and serious faces roaming the corridors, the campus was deserted save for the red Mercedes-Benz parked in front of the main administration block and a few busybodies shooting hoops in the court.

She’d been intent on making her way to the dean of students’ office when she heard an unfamiliar voice calling.


A startled look plastered across her face as she turned to see the source of the mellow voice.

He was wearing a white shirt neatly tucked into his fitting grey trousers, and was standing on the platform in front of the students lounge, with his sleeves folded up to his elbows and his hands pocketed, making him seem taller than he really was.
It had taken her a while to recognise him. She sighed with relief when she finally did. She didn’t really know him, but she’d seen him around campus before. They’d passed each other in the hallways a few times, always without a word.

‘Hey you,’ she announced as casually as she could, as she approached him, calling him ‘you’, because she wasn’t sure exactly what his name was. He looks like a Sheldon, she’d guessed, her presumption based purely on the nerdy vibes that he gave off.

‘Hi Felicia,’ he replied. ‘You look ravishing,’ he smiled from the platform, sizing her from head to toe and in it’s reverse. ‘What’s the occasion..a date?’

She’d laughed heartily, tilting her head to admire her outfit for the umpteen time. ‘Life is an occasion!’

As she looked up, her gaze unintentionally glided on his groin section. His pants subtly hugged him around the hips and groin, where there was a visible and very impressive protrusion. Would you look at that! A brief smile played on the edges of her lips.

When she looked up, she caught his burning gaze. He glared at her with open hunger, like he hadn’t had a nice warm meal in a while.

Unblinking, she held his gaze and as they stood there in silence, a palpable sexual tension igniting between them.

* * * * ** * * * ** * * * ** * * * *

She jerked lightly in her seat as her phone, which was now resting on her thighs, vibrated vigorously against her skin, shaking her from her day dream. Just thinking about him had roused her entire being and a demanding ache was swelling between her yellow thighs.

The vibration of her phone only heightened her desire.

I’ll be there. His reply popped up on her screen.

She picked her library card and her tag from her work station and rushed out of her cubicle as soon as she read it. She quickly handed the tag to the elderly male attendant in the cloakroom. Subconsciously, she tapped her foot lightly on the tiled floor, announcing her impatience.

Unbothered and unaware of  the urgency building from within her, the old attendant – probably in his late 50s emerged from behind the newspaper he was reading and lazily released the tag from her grasp, squinting at it in the poorly lit room.

‘T-we-n-ty-se-ve-n,’ he croaked out the number inscribed on the tag. His voice was coarse and gravelly as though there was something – sand – stuck in his throat. He turned in a slow motion, almost like a robot and retrieved her blue sling bag from one of the dusty shelves and passed it to her. She half grabbed it from him, without really looking and started off for the lifts.

The school library was on the fourth floor but cleanest washrooms were located on the sixth floor – an empty studying hall which only got used during the exam period.

Felicia locked herself in one of the five empty stalls. The first one from the door was the only one that contained in it, a sink and a mirror. She was however not worried about its proximity to the door because the entire floor was abandoned – she had checked, just to be safe.

Leaning backwards against the cold wall with no worry, or question in her mind about what she needed in that moment, Felicia stood in front of the mirror and lifted her figure-hugging blue skirt to her hips, reaching up to push her pink lacy panties to the side.

With her left hand, she reached out for her phone which she’d strategically set on the sink and clicked play on the raunchy clip her on phone, titled ‘ecstacy-gets-her-ebony-pussy-licked.’

* * * * * Intoxicated.

He’d drunk-called her three weeks earlier at 2:47 a.m. on a Sunday.

He was out with his boys, or so he had said. She could hear the loud music banging, delirious screams and drunken chatter in the background.

‘Goddammit Felicia!’ He spat his annoyance, saying out her full name in a drunken slur. He rarely said out her name in full. ‘I am so fucking horny thinking about you…’

‘Are you drunk Jay?’ She checked the time on her phone, squinting at the bright screen. ‘Do you know what time it is?’

‘No, no! Just a bit tipsy.. Yes, I know it’s late,’ he mumbled and she listened on, with her eyes shut. ‘Had a couple of beers…but you’re on my fucking beautiful freak! If I had you right now…’ he trailed off wishfully.

She fidgeted under her covers, like every other night wearing nothing to bed. Her eyes widened and all her sleep evaded her, his words sending sexually charged signals all the way from the rooftop club he was at through her body, summoning goose bumps to sprout on her fair skin.

‘Is that so?’ She quipped, biting her lip. Her nipples perked up and she fought the urge to rub on them. Instead she asked in her low sexy voice. ‘What would you do if you had me?’

‘It is what I am going to make you feel Fefe. I am going to make you lose control..I want your cum in my mouth and more than anything, I want to fuck you mindless!’


‘That’s right,’ came his cocky response. ‘What are you wearing?’

‘Just thoughts of you,’ she replied hazily, as her mind filled with the naughty ideas he was humming in her ear. She instantly got stimulated, wanting to be filled in other ways. Fulfilled.

* * * * * Over the edge.

Felicia gently slid her middle finger over her already wet slit and the sound of her lusty moan monopolized the room, drowning the voices from her phone. The room was filled with the scent of her unfettered desire as she part her wet luscious dark lips and threw her head back, her mind steaming up with thoughts of him doing those nasty things to her.

She liked to imagine it was them, with him holding her up against the wall, one leg raised up to rest on his shoulder with his face buried between her thighs. Ecstacy’s moans were quickly turning into loud screams as her light skinned male partner flicked his tongue on her dark elongated nub.

Felicia pinched her own lightly, causing a surge of mellow warmth to course through her body. She massaged her clit between her index finger and middle finger and her body went stiff, gripped with the sensation of lust and hunger as she relished the idea of Jake squatting under her, sucking on her hard clit as her juices flowed and dripped down her thighs, trickling to the sides of his mouth.

‘Mmmmmh!’ She groaned with utter satisfaction as she circled her finger in quick motions on her tight, fleshy opening. As her middle finger plunged in and penetrated the walls of her warm velvety pussy, her muscles relaxed but the ache at her core only intensified. She pushed her well-rounded ass against the door and clenched, letting out another impassioned moan.

‘Fuuuuck!’ She cussed under her breath as a warm feeling built at the center. She pushed in and out, in and out in quick, excited motions increasing her pace as her walls contracted around her long finger, edging her closer to a spasmic release. With each thrust of her finger and the grazing of her palm against her sensitive clit, her orgasm welled up and trickled out of her in sexy hiss, splashing against her palm and trickling down her fingers and thighs.

‘Oh fuck yea!’ She cried as the warm fluid left her opening, gushing on the floor.

Continued here


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