Part Two : Red Evening Sun.

Continued from here

* * * * * Perfect Imperfections * * * * *

Unable to contain his undulating urge to be inside her, Ethan withdrew his drenched erection from her hot mouth and resumed his position behind her. He had been away for two long months and had craved her every waking minute. Standing behind her with his stiff dick pointed at her bum, his body burned and surged in ferocious anticipation, longing to be engulfed and bound in those beautiful, mesmerizing curves. His mind was flooded with vivid images of all the things he would to do to her. He couldn’t wait to love her tender and tease her, couldn’t wait to hit all of her pleasure spots just the way she liked and break her in. He would be sure to adore every inch of her supple chocolate skin and savor her inch by inch, kiss her magnificent beauty and taste her perfect imperfections, till he was drunk on her love. Waiting another minute would probably, definitely kill him!

He rubbed his throbbing erection imploringly on her silky slit, sliding it up and down against the full length of her whet sex, nudging his head teasingly against her tight, creamy entrance till she was shaking under him. He smirked as she got all hot and bothered, the smirk on his lips widening at the sight of the sticky, gleaming strands of her sweet-smelling nectar webbing from her dewy flower to the tip of his stiff dick. He gently eased himself between her swollen lips, watching until his shiny head was perfectly sheathed in her tight, soaked spot.

He was taken by her, mind, body and soul. All at once! Her tight walls enclosed his aching head, squeezing and releasing in rhythmic, erotic spasms. He groaned, mumbling expletives, then pulled out and slid his head back into her tight hole.

This is everything! He thought, as he started to ride her surging waves. He rocked back and forth, thrusting with just the right amount of pressure, precision and flare, working his flexible waist in slow, tempting and cajoling strokes, drawing out the life in her with just the tip of his dick.

He never would have resisted her energy even if he had tried to. He needed her, wanted her with an intensity that could only be explained by magic. His wife possessed within her the resilience of infinite fireballs and a lifetime of shooting stars.
She could be anything she wanted to be, his woman!

And above everything else that she was, Nova was an amazing mother to Kai and Savanah King, their beautiful four-year-old twins.

He knelt behind her, giving into his sudden desire to taste her before he could take her. He needed to quench the urge to appreciate her body and drink more of her magic. She was a goddess, a life-giver. His seed had grown and life had formed in her womb, two heartbeats that had transformed them into parents, turning their once quiet house into a home. Their bloods had fused and their fates had been bound – moulding her into a mother and a nurturer and him into a father, a provider, a protector.

He brought his face to her damp sex and pressed his warm, lusting tongue long and hard on her sensitive nub. His stiff dick twitched and pulsated between his legs when she shuddered under him, clenching and tensing up against his salacious flicks. She tasted like passion and madness, like life and magic! Ethan kept licking her dripping pussy in ignited adoration, appreciating her essence, worshipping her womanhood until her body was begging for him in quiet heaves and loud gyrations.

He rose from under her and firmly grabbed onto her small waist with one hand – his handsome and now sweaty face, covered in her creamy fluids – and held her down with the other hand at the small of her back. She in turn elevated her hips against his hard body in raw anticipation, giving it all to him – her glowing radiance.

Nova had always been a bit insecure about the little things like her morning breath and being sweaty after a long day or during her cycle, but in the recent years, especially after having the twins, she had grown more self-conscious about the stretch marks on her breasts and waist and the barely noticeable love handles. Him, he had never cared about things like that. She never had to feel insecure. He thought she looked beautiful and impeccably perfect in her most natural state. He thought her resplendent, like the red evening sun, with how the light, golden stripes spread out on her waist, tracing profusely onto the sides of her well-built thighs and into her beautiful ass.


* * * * * Homecoming * * * * *

Lust hung heavily in the air, fusing flirtatiously, dangerously, explosively, with the sexual energy oozing from the mellifluous red lights and the raw, spicy scent of her whet sex. Everything that existed outside their red room became non-existent. Everything seemed to be disappearing in a dizzying, intoxicating blur. The booming music, the endless merry-making, chatter and animated laughter upstairs all faded out, like somehow time had stopped for them; like their love-making was an energy strong enough to alter the course of time, and it was just the two them, doing nothing but breathing. Feeling.

For a moment, none of them had a single worry in the world. Ethan wasn’t thinking about his 9 a.m. meeting with the board or the fact that most of its members were in his home, upstairs; and Nova’s anxiety about how Lyla their nanny was coping with the twins had long dissipated. She’d felt guilty at first, for leaving them with someone else to have some fun, but she’d needed it. Neither of them cared that someone might have noticed their absence from his homecoming party. She was his home. His everything.

And he loved coming home to her.

A fresh wave of hunger consumed Ethan and he started to pump her with long, hard and libidinous thrusts. As he drove in and out of her lush pussy, he intently watched as her lips opened and closed around his stiff rod with each stroke. Every time he pushed in her wet lips sealed tightly around him, swallowing his full length and sending a million electrifying sensations through his veiny dick. Every time he thrust out, she opened up so fucking beautifully, like a peony in full bloom, to reveal her pink, creamy essence.

Then there was her ass. That ass! He grinned greedily, revisiting his Geography class on tectonic activity. From his point of view, his was the only world she was rocking with those strong, wavy vibrations. She was all his, to have and to hold, and to fuck, hard!

* * * * * Wild * * * * *

As soon as he spanked her, Nova began to throw her firm ass back at him, grinding hard and rubbing up against his lean thighs in intoxicating, erotic motions. She met his powerful strokes with accelerated gyrations, creaming his base with her milky goo. He grinned.

He could only tame a wild cat for so long. Between her wild, hungry hisses and the sexy purrs, she took back the control, putting a leash around his hands without speaking a word, only with the smooth, seductive twists of her fleshy waist.

Ethan stood back and let her ride him. He shut his eyes and threw his head back as she burned his being with sublime rupture each time she slapped her butt against him. She had him then – controlling his groans, his heavy breathing, the hairs that stood erect on his sweltering skin.

She was his queen and her wish was his command; he was her unwavering soldier, his heart a sworn slave of her love, beating to the sloshy sounds of her wet pussy, pumped with lust, raging passion and boiling blood….

(…to be continued.)


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