Rose Gold

β€» F I R E β€»
She is
A fire
That cannot be contained
Fanned by her desire
Her will to live
And weave
Her own story
Her own path
Her journey.

β€» A U T H O R β€»
Her story will be told
Both to the young and old
Of how she
An ordinary girl
From an ordinary village
In an ordinary town
With ordinary things
Into the extraordinary
Of how she believed
And they too
Will believe
In her story
In her path
Her journey.

β€» B R A V E β€»
With a purse
Full of dreams
And a brave heart
An awakened mind
With a past
Full of lessons
A fighting heart
And a wiser mind
She is
The story
Of mettle and grit
Wielding courage
Her faith
Her shield
On her path
Her journey.

β€» C I N N A M O N β€»
She is
The remarkable scent
Of wild
Dewy roses
Strong coffee
And pancakes
In the morning
She is
The explosive taste
Of cinnamon
The sound
Of children playing
In a field
She is
The beauty
Of a butterfly
Perched on a flower
On a blithe
Saturday afternoon
Midas touch
Transforming everything
Into gold
On her path
Her journey.

β€» M O O N β€»
She is
Learning to live
And dance
On the sunny days
Learning to heal
On the rainy nights
She is
An unbridled
By the moon
Coming undone
Learning to give
While taking
In pants and heaves
Moaning and shaking
On her path
Her journey.


β€» B L O O M β€»
Through the seasons
In the life of
A rose
She opens
She blooms
She wilts
And grows back
Each time
With a deeper root
A sharper shoot
It’s her path
She is
Her journey.

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