Cosmic Love

I am going out of my mind,
Losing all sense of who I am;
Who I am meant to be.
But how do I really know if it’s meant to be,
Or if it’s just a fantasy?
Or just a fallacy that in my naked eye, is dressed as reality?
See I am slowly fading, vanishing, floating away,
Getting detached from everything I am familiar with,
And like the nine realms in Thor: The Dark World,
Our two separate worlds have aligned to become one,
With no boundaries, no walls to break and scale,
And slowly, I am evanescing into a world that is you.

Lost in a world where the wind whispers and howls your name,
And the cold breeze that comes with it, cuts through my flesh,
Right through to my yearning, my empty soul,
Embedding your name on my heart.
I am reeling, speeding out of my tracks,
Losing my way trying to find one to your heart,
To feel your pulse,
Or at least be in your arms.

I am going astray,
Caught at a crossroads,
Torn between waking up each day,
Living entangled in love’s misty madness with you,
Or in the agony of a sane, ordinary life without you,
With wishes that will never be,
And the memories that would have been!

See I have always been a hopeless romantic,
Seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses,
Letting my hurt heart beat and bleed out the pain of the other while it loves another,
Forgetting that it is love that is my very poison,
I never really learnt my lesson.

I hear you ask about love,
And I know of love just too well,
For love is my prison, my freedom,
My pain, my gain,
My happiness, my anguish,
My pride, my shame,
My curse, my blessing,
My muse, my distraction,
My strength, my Achilles heel,
Love is my salvation and my ultimate destruction!
Weird as it may sound, I will still wear my heart on my sleeve,
With all my brokenness I remain unafraid,
Still brave enough to show how I feel,
Laying my heart out, exposing it,
With the hope that maybe you could make it beat a little faster,
Maybe make it skip a beat.

β€˜Cause boy you got my heartbeat running away,
Beating like a drum and its coming your way..

Then maybe you could make it dance,
And leap to the rhythm of love,
That maybe, you could protect it with your own,
That my heart will beat in unison with your own,
Speaking the mystical language of love,
A melodious tune that angels and demons will fathom- maybe even fall in love to,
And the gods of love, Aphrodite and Eros would approve of and dance to,
That we could maybe make the gods want to fall in love too!

But darling these are the maybes that turn into maybe not’s and disappointments,
These are the maybes that explain the frustration that shimmers in my wet eyes,
As all the hope rolls down my cheek with each tear that falls into the cursed earth,
See my heart’s a slave of love, with scars that will never fade,
And hurts that will forever remain,
And I am drenched in the scent of damaged love,
Surrounded by an aura of doomed love, that it never really works out right,
Only divine intervention could change and fix the ruin in my cards.

But it is written that love is patient and a few more virtues,
That it never fails.

So when our stars align,
Baby our fates will be bound in the vast lifeless sky,
The divinities of love will be smiling through the stars,
A shooting star, the genesis of our love story,
And the moon, oh the moon will be so bright to illuminate my path to you,
I will surely find you,
Because it is you that I want,
Only you that I was built for.

And I know I will find myself in you,
Then I will find my better half in you,
If I follow the starlight.

And I will be whole,
Completed by you!


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