Fantasy O’clock.


On a dewy Friday morning, the cab arrived to take Jones to the train station. He was going to catch a train to Mombasa for his friend’s wedding. The ride from his home to the station seemed to last much longer than the 30 minutes it actually took. He arrived at the station and bundled his bag into the overhead compartment in the four-sitter cabin where he had booked a seat.

The public address system on the train soon instructed all passengers to take their seats. Jones was joined by three beautiful girls in the cabin. The clock on the platform announced that it was 7 a.m. as the train whistled off. The conductor came around and checked passengers’ tickets after which Jones decided to take a nap. It was going to be a 4-and-a-half hour trip and he planned to be as fresh as possible when he arrived in Mombasa. He folded his cardigan into a makeshift pillow and shut his eyes. He couldn’t help but think about the three beauties who were then excitedly chatting about taking over the beach in their new bikinis.

When Jones opened his eyes, the train was speeding through what seemed like an endless tunnel. The tallest of the three girls walked up and locked the door to the cabin. It was against the rules, but rules are made to be broken, right? She turned around and sat next to Jones.

“Hello, sleepy head. I’m Jill. These are my friends Lisa and Connie.”

“Hi ladies, pleasure meeting you all. I’m Jones.”

“Nice name, handsome,” Lisa replied while taking off her glasses. She has really beautiful eyes, Jones thought to himself. She had short hair, dyed blonde on the top and her lipstick was a subtle shade of pink. Her warm smile embraced two dimples in the middle of her cheeks. She wore a white sleeveless top and a pair of blue denim shorts.

Connie was the quiet one. She had the figure of a goddess. Her wonderful breasts were supported perfectly by a black bra that showed through her pink lace top. As she leaned over to extend her hand to Jones, he caught a waft of the most sensually appealing perfume he had ever encountered. Connie fascinated him instantly.

Jill was the most outgoing of the three. She looked like a model; tall, slender, tiny waist, gorgeous legs, long black hair and a really pretty face. Her fitting short black dress highlighted her lovely derriere. Her high heels accentuated it even more and gave Jones intense moments of burning desire as she moved around the cabin.

“Long, dark tunnels really excite me,” Jill quipped.

“Everything long and dark excites you, Jill!” Lisa retorted.

Jones smiled and turned his gaze toward Connie.

“They turn me on too,” she said looking back at him with a wry smile.

“I love the contrast of the cabin lights and the pitch darkness outside. Maybe they’re setting a mood for us, don’t you think?” Jones suggested.

“Definitely,” Jill replied as she walked over and sat on Connie’s lap.

Connie blushed as Jill started playing with her hair and gently kissed her cheek. When she stood up, Connie pinched Jill’s beautiful ass and she giggled excitedly.

“We should get that action on video, what do you girls say?” Lisa enquired.

“Oh, yes!!” Jill replied whipping out her iPhone ready for the impromptu video shoot.

“I can take the video, if you want.” Jones offered. Opportunism never hurt anybody.

“Now you’re talking,” Connie said as she held her hand out to Jill.

“Come here, Lisa,” Jill said.

Lisa stood up and joined the two lovebirds who were playing by the window. Connie was caressing Jill’s round ass and Lisa started to lightly caress Connie’s breasts. The moaning and giggling was turning Jones on. His hand shook as he tried to capture the sexy threesome in action.

“How about a nice kiss now?” Jones asked.

Jill pushed her friends close together and Lisa took charge. Lisa wrapped her arms around Connie’s waist and she in turn took Lisa’s face in her hands. Jill walked over to Jones and leaned over to see what he was capturing. As she did so, her hand slid down to Jones’ distressed groin and she gasped when she caught his pulsating bulge.

“Wow! What do we have here?!” She teased as she started to touch her breasts and rub his erection.

Lisa was by then playing with Connie’s amazing breasts and nibbling on her ear.

“Closer,” Connie called as she gestured to the camera with her index finger.

Jones took Jill’s hand and led her back to the window. Lisa took the phone from Jones and he pulled Connie close to him. She slowly raised her lips to his and quickly withdrew. He had never wanted to kiss anyone more in his life. Instead Connie pushed Jones towards Jill. She gladly cozied up to him and they locked lips as the other girls cheered them on.

“Such a good kisser,” Jill opined with her eyes still closed.

He smiled and looked over at Connie. She smiled and winked. He really wanted to kiss her but she wasn’t done playing with him, yet. She squeezed her breasts together and her cleavage got his heart racing ever so hard. He was living a barely believable fantasy and it was amazing.

“Who wants to play truth or dare?” Lisa asked.

Three hands shot up.

“I dare you to take off your bra,” Lisa added pointing at Jill.

“Not before Connie lets her melons loose baby,” she responded.

“Help me with my bra, handsome.” Connie said locking eyes with Jones.

He stood behind her and fumbled with the clasp until it came loose.

“All the way off, please,” she requested.

Jones cupped her magnificent boobs in both hands and pulled the bra off. His hard-on pressed against Connie’s ass and she reached behind her back and started playing with it.

“My turn,” Jill shouted and jumped between them.

He was burning with desire at this point. He put his hands inside her dress and released Jill’s perky breasts from her purple bra. He couldn’t help but fondle her ass as he unzipped her dress with his other hand.

“Want to see?” She teased as she pulled the dress off one shoulder.

“Yes, please,” he replied.

“I’ll you show mine if you show me yours,” Connie interjected. He was taken by her beauty and he fumbled for his zip.

“Let me help with that,” Lisa offered.

“I’ll help too,” Jill said as she grabbed his belt.

His eyes were on Connie the whole time. Her top nestled tenderly on her big breasts. She started to lift it up and Jones was mesmerized by her enticing waist beads. She stopped just short of revealing her left breast and turned around before taking the top off altogether. When she faced him again she was twirling her nipples between her thumb and index finger. Lisa quickly found his manhood, throbbing and hard in his boxers. She and Jill took turns rubbing his mushroom as he groaned in ecstasy.

He was losing his mind when Connie walked up and offered her nipple to him.

“Lick it,” she ordered.


He obliged and lowered his eager mouth to her golden brown boobs. Her hard nipples got harder and bigger in his mouth as Lisa and Jill joined in the fun. They took turns playing with Connie’s big tits and his hard dick. He leaned towards Connie and kissed her soft lips; finally.

Just then, the train stopped and the conductor tapped on the door to the cabin.

“Hello? I’m sorry to announce that the train has suffered mechanical failure and needs to be repaired before we proceed with the journey. We need to get all passengers off the train. The tunnel ends a few hundred meters ahead so we can all walk out together. We’re leaving in 15 minutes. Get your luggage together,” he announced.

“Good thing he didn’t unlock the door,” Connie said as she hurriedly slipped back into her top.

Jones cursed under his breath as he stuffed his hungry dick back into his boxers.

“That was fun, handsome.” Lisa said as she blew Jones a kiss.

“Oh, yes. Good thing you overheard him book a seat in this cabin, right Connie?” Jill blurted before realizing she’d let the cat out of the bag.

“Did you plan this, Connie?” Jones enquired.

“I’m sorry. I saw you at the station last week and thought it would be fun teasing you a little on our trip. Are you mad?”

“No. I love a woman who knows what she wants.”

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