So for some obscure reason
I came out to see you
Driven by curiosity, maybe
Or maybe because I needed a little entertainment

Here we are
Seated in awkward silence
The clock tics and tocs
But the time never seems to move
This must be the forever you promised

You look at me
I look at you
There’s not much to see
But I notice the effort

I see you got a trim hair cut
You even shaved off that lousy moustache
And you wore that watch
The vased red roses
And the vintage wine
The wrapped up gift
A light touch of romance

I smile
Nearly impressed
I have seen it all before
It’s a charade

I see through you and your little act
A little taste of heaven
Always did come before hell broke loose
Haven’t you heard what they say about first impressions?
Second chances don`t exactly erase the first

Time has healed what was broken
You had your chance
Had my heart in the palm of your hand
Ever by your side
But these scars are a memoir
A constant reminder
A lesson learnt

So please save it
For somebody else
Same dog, same tricks
No, don’t get me wrong here
I don’t mean to be rude and obnoxious
Or to be an ungrateful bitch
I`m just one to call a spade by it’s
You taught me well

But thank you
For the quickie

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